Devan Leos talks Disney, PR expertise, and Digital Innovation

Disney actor, digital marketing major, and tenured publicist Devan Leos has been working in entertainment for over 12 years. six years ago he began working behind the scenes in digital marketing and in the PR sector as a publicist. His first clients were his fellow actors on Disney Channel and other various friends that were in the acting industry. Leos would network and get them into events, and do general communications work for them. Now six years later, Leos has refined his craft and honed in on his passion for public relations, and digital marketing.

“I never went to school for this stuff technically”, Leos said while chatting on the phone with us. “I learned from the best company in the world, Disney”

Devan Leos is not shy about the positive influence Disney had on him and his career. Leos once even wrote an article on about some of the things he learned while working for them and showcased some of the brilliantly militant practices of the company.

“Everyone at Disney is incredibly dedicated to their craft, and I am so grateful to have learned from the best!”

Devans life has had it’s fair share of character-defining trials, in 2019 he wound up in a dark place, dealing with some legal trouble, however in the last 3 years the actor says he’s changed and grown.

“I have dealt with a lot of trauma in my life, but I was young and wreckless”

“… I had no idea how to deal with some of the more terrifying aspects of the world, and so I just spiraled”

But while things were looking hopeless, Leos decided to swim against the current and press on. 2019 was a trial for Devan, and 2020 was a trial for everyone. However, despite the pandemic, Devan says he came out of it stronger than ever.

“Where people saw reason to loathe and panic, I saw opportunity and a light at the end of the tunnel”

“One thing I have learned is that almost 50% of success starts with mindset, the rest is action… at least in my opinion”

In 2021 Devan Leos began to find immense success with his agency and methodology. Devan started gaining client after client, and soon found himself so busy, he had to “Raise my f**king prices!”

So I was curious… what was the Disney alum doing right? His response:

“Innovation.. Research and development, finding the most effective solutions when getting clients featured in the media and helping them establish their authority as well as helping them communicate who they are and what they are about!”

“I was an early adopter of blockchain technology and became fascinated about NFTs in mid-2020”

Devan Leos works with many different professionals, in various industries, but recently has been focusing heavily on creative artists of all types. Upon looking into the community, it seemed there was a lack of credible public relations professionals in the digital art scene, and it became clear after talking with Devan and looking at some of his clients, that he was kicking a** and consistently generating great results for his creative clients. While many are struggling to keep up with the basics, Devan Leos says he’s been ready for web3 since 2020!

So what’s next for the young actor, artist, & entrepreneur? Devan says he plans on continuing to innovate and grow his businesses. He wants to help more artists, and continue to be a thought leader in the public relations industry! He is also working on some untitled creative projects which remain untitled and have yet to be announced.  We are excited to see what this young visionary will do next!

Stay tuned for more from Devan Leos, and be sure to Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @TheDevanLeos

(Devan Leos currently owns and operates these two companies FC-AO.ORG and DDIGITAL.ORG)

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