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Deus Ex AI Launches Refugee Support Campaign to Benefit Pakistan Flood Victims

Refugee Support Campaign to Benefit Pakistan Flood Victims

We’re sure you’ve heard about the devastating floods that have been wreaking havoc in Pakistan. It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by this disaster, which has left many families homeless and without food or water. That’s where Deus Ex AI comes in. The organization has launched a campaign to raise money for food, shelter, and clothing for Pakistani refugees who need help during these trying times. We’ll tell you how you can get involved with this worthy cause in this PR release.

Deus Ex AI

Led by founder Tyler Henkel, the collective sought to generate funding by auctioning a custom NFT collection. Deus Ex AI has partnered with artists and influencers in the collectibles space to create a custom set of NFTs which will be auctioned off during the following weeks via the program’s dedicated website. With the support of its portfolio partners, the company also aims to raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis and offer tangible support to those affected by the flooding. All proceeds from the event are being donated to Bait’ul Rida, a grassroots non-profit in Pakistan dedicated to supporting those who have been forced out of their homes due to this historic flood. Deus Ex AI, a name of Latin origin that can be interpreted as “God from the AI,” is an NFT collection of machines built by artificial intelligence.

 After conducting initial rounds of outreach to large influencers in the Cardano NFT space, the campaign’s message quickly went viral on Twitter. Within the first two days of the campaign, Deus Ex AI auctioned off a special edition NFT from their series of unique machine artwork for a total of $2,300, using the native cryptocurrency Cardano, with over 20 donors participating in the contest. This funding alone has provided 500 displaced Pakistanis with a week’s worth of food and water.

“It’s amazing to me that through social media, NFTs, discord, and crypto, we could connect with a small local charity, verify what they were doing, and get money to them in a matter of days,” said Henkel.

NFT collective

NFTs are a new asset class or type of digital token that can be traded like any other cryptocurrency. They represent unique assets and have value only because they’re fungible (meaning they’re interchangeable).

The collective aims to use blockchain technology and leverage the support of the growing NFT community to drive awareness and raise funds to help restore properties damaged by the floods.

The collective is also inviting artists from all over the world, who work with digital assets, to participate in a campaign aimed at generating new NFTs, which the collective will then sell via the platform.

In addition, we welcome NFT holders who want to donate funds towards our fundraiser and track where their donations go so far (and how much more they can raise).

All costs associated with Deus Ex AI auctions have been covered so that 100% of profits can be donated.

How the campaign will help Pakistani refugees

The campaign will provide food, water, and shelter to Pakistani refugees. It will also provide medical supplies such as bandages and medicine, clothing items like socks and underwear, hygiene kits (toothbrushes, soap, etc.), and temporary housing for families displaced from their homes due to flooding.

The funds raised from this campaign will go directly into helping people who have been forced out of their homes by the recent devastating floods in Pakistan.

Tyler Henkel, Founder of Deus Ex AI, comments: “We are both humbled and honored to be able to give back to the families and communities affected by this terrible tragedy.”

What can you do to support the campaign?

Working with local trusted partners involved in the relief efforts, Deus Ex AI aims to help provide food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, medicine, and other critical supplies for those who need it most. Deus Ex AI is also offering an initial set of 50 unique NFTs by artists exclusively supporting this initiative as part of the relief effort.

“Using the NFT project, we can align the art with the community behind raising money for this charity. By hosting an NFT raffle, anyone who donates has a chance to win one of the limited edition NFTs from our collection. This has allowed us to generate excitement for our community members while also creating a means of sending support to those in need,” said Henkel.

This campaign has the potential to do great things for refugees in Pakistan, so you should be sure to join us. We’re already working on the way to use this project as a model for future campaigns that could benefit people around the world.

Learn more about the Pakistan floods

The Pakistan floods were a series of devastating floods and storms that hit Pakistan in 2022. They were caused by heavy rains and resulted in the death of over 1,700 people. The floods also affected over 20 million people and caused damage estimated at $9.5 billion. The Pakistani government declared a national emergency and appealed for international assistance. The Deus Ex AI Launches Refugee Support Campaign was created to help the victims of the Pakistan floods. The campaign aims to raise over $1 million and provide relief to the affected people.

Meet the team behind the campaign

Deus Ex AI is an NFT collective founded by Tyler Henkel, a Tampa native. Henkel, who also functions as the community manager of Deus Ex AI, has been in the NFT space for over a year. After working in the Web 2.0 space as a lead developer at a financial technology company, Henkel decided to jump into crypto full-time in mid-2021. Aside from crypto and NFT trading, his first Crypto project included “CNFT Calendar,” a popular platform for finding upcoming NFT releases. To learn more about the Deus Ex AI art collection, please visit

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