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Designurbate’s new tool can change the Dynamics of the Digital Content Protection

Digital piracy has been one of the biggest concerns for digital creators, especially for creators who rely on live streams. Live streams are a primary source of income for many digital creators but growing issues in copyright infringement on the content that they create are creating bigger problems.

About Designurbate

Designurbate is a dedicated platform that works on building products to help digital creators by increasing their productivity and efficiency with the content that they create. The platform is widely used by many and especially by content creators who live stream. The functionality of the platform is simple and easy and with a wide range of products to choose from based on one’s need, the platform is just perfect for content creators.

The increasing threats in the industry were one of the major reasons why the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was passed into the law system to prevent any copyright infringement and prosecute offenders with punishments based on the severity of the offense. 

Even after the introduction into the law system, on average, nearly 230,000 to 560,000 jobs were lost due to online piracy across the world and designurbate announced a product to address the issue. 

The DMCA shield

Designurbate recently released the DMCA Shield, which will act as a DMCA (Digital Millenium and Copyright Act) protection tool that will protect the content that digital creators create from privacy and infringement. 

Digital piracy is a vast ocean and is prevalent in all industries across. Designurbate’s main ideology with the DMCA shield is to provide content creators with security to prevent any piracy on the content that they produce. With a successful attrition rate in the digital creator’s economy, designurbate will start making changes to the tool to accommodate the needs of other industries as well. 

Similar products in the market have high price tags and with the introduction of DMCA shield, Desginurbate will go head-on with its competitors in a competitive space.

Designurbate is known for the innovation that they bring with their products and with the launch of DMCA shield, changes to protect digital content online just got better. The DMCA Shield is not only an effective tool but a free one as well. The company announced that they are well-aware of the effort that creators put in with their content and they aim to prevent it from getting misused with the DMCA tool. 

The DMCA shield will scout the internet for any relevant copyright infringements and will be prevalently scouring hotspots where usually copyrighted content gets shared. The DMCA tool will flag any matches and prevent them from getting shared across avoiding infringement on the original content. To put it in a nutshell, the DMCA shield is a search and destroy tool that will put down any threats to the original content. 

The DMCA shield can be accessed for free from their official website and streamers can peacefully make and distribute content on the internet without it implied for pretentious reasons.  

Designurabte’s main idea with the DMCA shield is to inculcate more creative freedom within the digital creator’s community and thereby help them to tap into the full potential of the content that they create. 

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