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DeOrr Kunz complete case mystery


DeOrr Kunz remains a mystery. DeOrr Kunz, a 2-year-old Idaho boy, disappeared on July 10, in the Idaho mountains. No one knows his whereabouts.

His disappearance has captured the attention of not only Idahoans but also people who have never met him. The story of DeOrr has gone national, with major news outlets like CNN and FOX News reporting about the case that remains unsolved.

The Mystery of DeOrr Kunz is Missing

Authorities continue to investigate the disappearance DeOrr Kunz Jr. (a two-year old who was last seen July 10, 2015).

He lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho with his parents Jessica Mitchell, and Vernal deOrr Kunz, Sr. However, when visiting Timber Creek Campground east off Leadore (Challis), Idaho, for an afternoon tour with relatives including great-grandfather Robert Walton’s family, Isaac Reinwand joined them, according to sources.

The next mystery has left investigators puzzled and the family in deep sorrow. It is not known what happened next as police continue to investigate without any leads or evidence.

DeOrr, the youngest of their children, was fishing with his family when he disappeared. Mitchell made the most of their camping trip with their son-in-law and daughter-in law. They went into the forest near Stone Reservoir to camp at Timber Creek Campground. Jessica, who was upstream from it, told authorities that she believed her great-grandson would be taken care of by him.

Missing Mystery of DeOrr Kunz

DeOrr Kunz Jr., a toddler disappeared from Timber Creek Campground, Leadore Idaho on July 10, 2015. His parents were asleep at the time he disappeared and searched unsuccessfully for him until morning. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a camouflage jacket with blue pajamas.

They were questioned separately by police about the incident, but there was no evidence or leads to help DeOrr. Since then, clues about his whereabouts have been very scarce. Former Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman identified Mitchell Kunz Sr. as one of the two suspects in this case. However, there seems to be not enough solid evidence against either man.

Suspected investigators were cleared recently and innocent parents are on trial for slander.

After months spent testing at the FBI, Quantico Virginia announced that a bone found in his body was not related to Keith’s disappearance. It belonged to another animal and everyone is still uncertain where he may be.

The unsolved case is currently being handled by Sheriff Steve Penner. He is a former military officer and was an investigator before becoming sheriff. However, this case proved to be his most difficult investigation with no leads or suspects.

Was DeOrr Kunz seen at Timber Creek Campground?

Mitchell and Vernal set up tables while DeOrr fished. After going on a fishing trip, Walton returned to his trailer and found that DeOrr was missing.

Issac Reinwand, who arrived shortly thereafter to search for clues about where they might have misplaced him, left the site with little more than anyone else present that day. Jessica’s grandfather was not there.

Mitchell claims she shouted “we’re leaving” while searching in vain for her brother. Then, she went off without even thinking about an explanation.

Tragically, DeOrr Jr.’s death was caused by his parents decision to take their son fishing with them. DeOrr Jr. asked DeOrr Jr. if he preferred it at Grandpa or by him.

They didn’t know this would be their last conversation with Walton alive. Later, Walton stated that he saw Walton disappear and look away for only a “little bit”.

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How the Authorities Found DeOrr Kunz

DeOrr Kuz Jr. has been missing since 2005. During that time, many searches have been made to locate him by air, water, and ground.

Finding a body or evidence in such a remote area with so little land to cover is one of the hardest parts of an extensive search. But this has not stopped searchers trying their best every year until they find something.

DeOrr, a one year old boy, has been missing for twenty months. Three private investigators conducted their investigation into the case but no solid evidence has been found. This makes this situation more difficult and uncertain.

Where DeOrr Kunz Was Seen?

A group of investigators who were following the parents’ story soon found itself 40 minutes down the highway in Leadore, at a convenience shop. There they believed to have seen Mitchell and Vernal Sr. with their son.

But, police later asked about the incident that occurred on December 9, 1981 at 6:00 PM instead of 1:00 PM as originally reported by both parties, one witness said he saw a blonde boy enter his shop around 6 o’clock, but never heard from either parent or child.

The three missing are believed to be still missing today, after extensive searches for them yielded no results.

DeOrr Kunz Case: War of Words

Brian Lantz, an investigator with the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office, has stated that he believes DeOrr’s parents are hiding something. The FBI has been trying to solve a high-profile case involving a prominent couple for years.

They’ve been subject to a stringent questioning process and numerous polygraph tests for months, but have not produced any evidence linking them to the crime scene.

According to sources close by, the investigation is continuing as officials claim that both had made inconsistent statements. Sources close to the case on Wednesday morning said they were aware of this sensitive case and did not reveal any identifying information.

Lemhi County Sheriff said that he believes his parents are hiding something. My mind is clear. We gave them every chance to explain whether it was an accident, but they didn’t.

Bowerman believes that the case must be a murderspan and doesn’t believe that the boy is even close to where he disappeared. According to reports, the boy was wearing too-large cowboy boots for his feet that kept slipping off.

Many wondered if DeOrr was attacked or snatched by an animal. The boots would have easily fallen off because of their large size. There has been no evidence of the extra-large shoes, and neither parent has given any details.

Bowerman believed that the case “has to” be a murder. There is speculation as to whether someone kidnapped or killed him.


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