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Dena Falken, founder of Legal-Ease International, wins prestigious Legal Elite Award for “Best Legal English Education Provider” for 2023.

Dena Falken, founder of Legal-Ease International, has been presented with the prestigious Legal Elite Award for “Best Legal English Education Provider” of 2023.

This distinction highlights an exceptional achievement for Dena, who has spent the last 30 years helping legal professionals worldwide master the art of legal communication. Her dedication to excellence and passion for teaching has enabled her students to gain a solid command of Legal English, which will serve them well throughout their careers.

Dena began Legal-Ease over 30 years ago with one goal: to help people communicate effectively and efficiently in “legalese” or “legal talk.” She noticed that many legal professionals outside the US were struggling with Legal English and made it her personal goal to expand Legal-Ease International into as many countries as possible. Today, Legal-Ease International is in over 50 countries worldwide and has helped thousands of legal professionals master the art of legal communication.

I actually did not choose it, It chose me. I graduated law school in Washington D.C. and after worked for a law firm in Milan, Italy to gain experience. I was always interested in International affairs, laws and International relations. While there, I began consulting with lawyers who were trying to write contracts in Legal English. I soon saw that even though they spoke English, Legal English was a different language completely.

I saw a need. Not to learn law, but the language of the law. Legal-Ease International Inc was born.

I knew that there was a need for this and I was determined to fill it. First we needed a name, a logo, a book to use to teach….  I went to work putting Seminar materials together. Found a room to teach the Seminar in and began to market in, with no money. Its amazing what creativity arises out of no capital. Soon….the room was filled. “ Find a need and fill it” is absolutely true.

I saw it first hand. It was a thrill to see my idea implemented and start something that was not in existence before, in a foreign country no less.

Dena’s commitment to excellence has earned her a reputation amongst higher-ups in many countries. Her work is evident, as many of those officials are her former students. “She has built relationships that are both admirable and inspiring,” as one of her former student mentions. Dena’s passion for teaching and improving lives through language understanding is inspiring.

Legal-Ease International is the foremost legal English education provider, sitting in a league of its own. With online seminars, live classes, and abundant templates of legal forms in English and Spanish, Legal-Ease International offers legal professionals of all ages and stages of their careers a solid command of Legal English.

Ms. Falken is humbled and honored to receive this award and looks forward to continuing her work with Legal-Ease International. She plans to continue expanding the reach of Legal-Ease with the launch of new classes and services and further her mission of helping legal professionals understand their language better. Dena’s goal is to help make legal communication more accessible and efficient. 

“I want to help my students communicate more effectively so they can focus on the bigger picture–delivering justice for all those who need it.”

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