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Democratizing Online Advertising Campaign Management 

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Online advertising, especially mobile commerce, has taken over all other forms of promotion. We are connecting to our mobile screens and browsing the web while walking the streets, so it is obvious that even street signs have become a distant second to online advertising. It is a multibillion-dollar market with mobile sales surpassing any other medium and expected to account for 54% of all online sales. 

Online advertising, and particularly over mobile devices, has become the main route for merchants to promote their products and services on a global basis with no limitations. 

However, when measuring the effectiveness of online advertising, we find it to be a whole new challenge altogether. There are thousands of advertisers, agencies, promotion channels, and online campaign management tools. It is a confusing and highly professional arena that may drain your budget ineffectively and before you can get any tangible results. 

As an example, to run an effective campaign for the promotion of your mobile application, you need to be highly proficient in the operation of various advertising channels, such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. You need to run and manage completely separate campaigns on each channel while monitoring independent results and optimizing between their activities manually. 

This is a highly complex, resource-intensive and inefficient operation that often yields disappointing and even negative results. 

Zoomd changes all of that. 

The company has developed an unparalleled technological platform that essentially automates the operational side of running online campaigns in a highly intelligent way through one coherent control center for all merchants’ online advertising activities. 

The Zoomd system allows merchants to focus on what matters — converting their advertising dollars into profitable user acquisitions and sales. It is a one platform and dashboard (instead of dozens) that allows the management all user acquisition activities in the most effective way. 

With Zoomd, the merchant deals with the “What” instead of the “How.” He is required to set only the advertising goals such as target cost per app installation, cost per newly registered customer, cost per first purchase, etc., combined with a clear definition of the target market globally, and the system will automatically and intelligently undertake all operational aspects and run online campaigns across hundreds of advertising platforms in the most cost-efficient way.

In today’s market, where there are way too many advertising possibilities, and simplicity is the name of the game. Advertisers want to go as wide as possible without hurting the quality of the campaign. When running separately on each platform, these require a lot of resources, multiple campaign managers and optimization time. Zoomd lets merchants minimize the needed resources since it doesn’t matter if they run on 10 or 600 different advertising media sources and campaigns; these all are converging under one screen focused on achieving the merchants’ desired results for acquiring new users and growing their business. 

Now, more than ever, small and medium businesses can run professional and effective advertising campaigns by themselves, and under one platform that will manage it all while enabling them to focus on business goals rather than struggle with the operational side of online promotion. 

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