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Demand in Smart Agriculture Market Rises on Back of IoT Integration in Farming Techniques

The increasing usage of the internet of things technologies have changed the landscape of agriculture in the past few years. While the technologies remain in somewhat nascent stage, the smart agriculture technologies that integrate internet of things or IoT functionalities have aided the farmers in enhancing their ability to effectively monitor all stages of their core product development at real time. The rising usage of IoT enabled devices and systems is complementing the increasing efforts to achieve new benchmarks in precision farming technologies.  

 The integration of IoT ecosystems in agricultural practices aids the farmers in reducing the usage of fertilizers as well as pesticides, thereby enhancing the quality of their crop yield. This trend bolsters the increasing requirement for clean label and organic food products. The increasing consumer awareness about organic and natural food products and thereby the increased demand for such products is also supplementing the demand in smart agriculture market.  

 According to the type, the segments in the global smart agriculture market include precision farming, precision aquaculture, soil monitoring, livestock monitoring, smart greenhouse, and smart irrigation, among others. The manufacturers, developers, and players functional in the global smart agriculture market offer components, such as software, services, and hardware.  

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 Players in Smart Agriculture Market Focused on Expanding their Online Distribution Presence 

 Tier one players working within the global smart agriculture market, such as Deere & Company, InnovaSea Systems, and Huawei Technologies are focusing on expanding their outreach through usage of new and alternative distribution pipelines. Online sales is one of the most popular new route adopted by the leading players in the global smart agriculture market to market their products. Few of the most prominent manufacturers and players operational in the global smart agriculture market include Deere & Company, Innova Sea Systems, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Semiosbio Technologies Inc., Aker Technologies, Cisco Systems, Inc., AGCO Corporation, Trimble, Inc., Topcon Positioning Systems, Afimilk Ltd., and Antelliq, among others. 

 Other significant strategies employed by the major industry players include mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, and new smart agriculture monitoring system launches, among others. For instance, a new manure cleaning system was launched by the DeLaval in March of 2021. This new smart agriculture monitoring system is specially designed to enhance comfort for the cows and make strides in the hoof condition without having to use the water. A new ‘smart agriculture as a service’ solution was announced by the Vodafone India Foundation and Nokia in December of 2020. Using internet of things solutions for smart farming, this new system consists of various sensors in order to enhance the yield volume and crop productivity amongst farmers in India.  

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 Asia Pacific Tops the Charts in Smart Agriculture Market 

 The geographical analysis of the global smart agriculture market offers the readers with essential information pertaining to five distinct regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The research report on the global smart agriculture market also provides important information about various leading economies functional in the industry, such as the United States, Germany, France, Spain, India, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa. Considering the scenario and factors of smart agriculture, the market is expected to witness considerable growth in the Asia Pacific region in coming years.  

 Some of the leading drivers for the expansion of the Asia Pacific smart agriculture market include the rising amount of investments by regional governments to encourage people to integrate smart farming technologies, including agricultural automation in their practices. Additionally, the rising demand for automated agricultural equipment as well as products that enables farmers to yield substantial profit is also stimulating the growth of the global smart agriculture market in Europe region.  

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