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Demand for Rubber Additives Market to Experience Upward Trajectory through Forecast Period 2022 to 2032

The rubber and tyre industries have increased their demand for rubber additives. Rubber additives are a variety of chemicals used to improve the strength and performance of rubber. Sulfur, sulfonamides, thiazoles, carbon black, silica, amines, aliphatic esters, silanes, and a variety of other chemical compounds are common rubber additives.

Rubber additives are added to the final product during the vulcanization process to give it strength and specific properties. Rubber additives are used in a variety of products, including tyres, wires and cables, insulation, tapes, gaskets, conveyer belts, and roll coverings. Rubber quality is determined by the number of additives added during the manufacturing process. Every additive serves a specific purpose in the final rubber product, imparting the desired property.

Market Drivers for Rubber Additives

The rapid expansion of the automotive industry has resulted in an increase in demand for rubber additives used in the production of tyres and other rubber products. The tyre industry has increased its demand for rubber additives, which is expected to support the demand for rubber additives over the forecast period.

The demand for tyres has increased significantly, which has fueled the rubber additives industry’s growth. The demand for automobiles is being pushed by rising disposable income in developing countries. The rubber additives market is expected to grow in tandem with the rise in tyre demand from the automotive industry.

Market Trends for Rubber Additives

As part of their business strategy to expand their customer base and global footprint, rubber additive manufacturers are entering into long-term supply contracts with tyre manufacturers.

Lanxess, for example, is acquiring smaller additive manufacturers in order to expand their geographic reach. Rubber additive manufacturers are also attempting to expand their product portfolio by developing new products.

Regional Perspectives on the Global Rubber Additives Market

Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the global rubber additives market, with China leading the market in terms of both production and consumption. Due to the rapid growth of the country’s automotive industry, India’s demand for rubber additives is expected to increase significantly. North America and Europe are expected to hold a sizable share of the rubber additives market in the coming years, owing to rising demand for green tyres.

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