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Demand for Natural Antiseptic And Disinfectant to Surpass US$ 4 Bn by 2031: Fact.MR Survey

Antiseptic and Disinfectant Market

Despite the increased popularity of disposable medical devices, antiseptic and disinfection products have a large market. Disinfectants are in high demand in the healthcare business because some reusable medical equipment, such as scissors and pliers, require periodic sterilisation. In the hospitality sector, sales are expected to grow in order to improve customer experience and, as a result, increase client retention.

On the development side, the ease with which manufacturers may obtain FDA approval expands their innovation bandwidth, resulting in high product efficiency. An exclusive analysis provided by Fact.MR predicts that the global antiseptic and disinfection market will grow at a respectable CAGR of 6% over the forecast period, based on a robust research technique (2020-2026).

Antiseptic and Disinfectant Market: Key Highlights

  • Long-term product supply prospects for antiseptic and disinfection market participants are on the horizon, as hospitals and surgical centres allocate distinct budgets to ensure an infection-free surgical environment.
  • The indiscriminate use of these items has been discovered to have a negative influence on the skin, potentially limiting the use of antiseptics and disinfectants, particularly in institutions with a low level of health consciousness.
  • Because it is available in a variety of concentrations ranging from 3% to 90%, hydrogen peroxide will continue to be the product of choice during the projected period. This broadens the scope of these items’ current use in hospitals, pharmacies, and life science laboratories.
  • Manufacturers will place a greater emphasis on product quality as a result of new legislation establishing a safety framework to ensure sanitary conditions in healthcare institutions. The FDA, for example, established safety recommendations for hand hygiene products used by healthcare personnel in January 2018.

“In addition to the healthcare business and residential regions, the food industry is becoming an increasingly important end-use industry for antiseptic and disinfection products. As food-quality standards tighten, the adoption of these goods will become increasingly important for food manufacturers,” predicts a senior market consultant at Fact.MR.

How have Hygiene Concerns Elevated Demand for Antiseptics & Disinfectants?

Several regional epidemics have erupted around the world since the turn of the century, including SARS, MERS, Zika, Ebola, and Swine Flu, to name a few. This eventually snowballed into the current COVID-19 global epidemic. Naturally, people are becoming more conscious of the need of personal and community hygiene.

As a result, antiseptic and disinfection items such as wipes, gels, disposable paper towels, and alcohol-based solutions are being developed by manufacturers.

Consumer trust in branded items is increasing, which is helping the business grow. The market for antimicrobial disinfectants is being driven by demand for novel items such as sprays, sanitizers, cloth disinfectant sprays, veggie washes, and so on.

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