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Demand for Modular Homes Increased After the Pandemic

Health concerns after the Covid19 epidemic also led to changes in people’s perception of housing. Detached houses built in environments closer to nature stood out among the most demanded living spaces. This situation has unexpectedly increased the interest in modular homes with their low cost and quick installation advantages.

Modular homes offer important conveniences for citizens looking for more spacious environments away from multi-storey buildings after the pandemic. Modular homes developed and produced in the prefabricated building sector are among the innovative housing models. It is produced in the factory with a quality control system with its pre-production system. It is free from errors and defects in technological production. It has construction safety, quality and longevity. Fast pre-production saves time and labor for those who prefer modular homes. 

Home connected with nature

Modular homes, which are among the innovative building models of modern architecture, open the door to an inspiring life intertwined with nature. Production is carried out entirely in factory facilities. Regardless of the installation site and geography, it can be built without the need for other materials. Apart from a solid ground on which the modular home will be installed, concrete etc. apps are not needed. It is sufficient to find a way for the transport vehicle to go to the place where the house will be built. 

Prefabricated buildings are built by the professional teams of the manufacturer company, without the need for different craftsmen, at unique view points, on the observation hills overlooking the lake and sea. The construction period is completed in days, not less than a month. All you have to do is enjoy the unique landscapes of nature with your family and loved ones. Watching the vastness of green and blue during the day, the shine of the stars at night, breathing in the fresh air and relaxing. Modular homes for a happy life away from the risks and worries of the epidemic.

Designed for a happy life

Safe and long-lasting steel metals are used in the main system of modular homes. The flexible nature of steel offers home design architects unique opportunities for inspiration. It will be a pleasant experience for you to design your dream living space with modular homes. Along with modern lines, classical aspirations can be easily reflected in modular home designs. 

Living in a home with the best ergonomics

There is another important advantage that the production model brings to modular homes. Spacious spaces with maximum width and the best ergonomics of use are in modular homes. The main reason for this is that the steel carrier systems of modular homes take up very little space. With its high strength, it gives the best confidence to the occupants, while being hidden between the wall blocks, it makes a great contribution to the maximum interior space. Columns and beams that narrow and suffocate the gigantic interior space in classical buildings are not needed. 

Comfort reflected in living room and bedrooms

When you enter the modular homes, you immediately feel the spacious atmosphere created by the carrier system, which takes up very little space. This spaciousness is reflected as comfort from the living room to the bedrooms. Resting in the house and a sweet sleep in the bedroom turn into comfort in the modular home.

Lowest housing cost in Modular Homes

When you compare the cost of long-lasting and safe housing models, you will immediately notice that modular home prices are very low cost. According to the building preference, the modular home is 30 to 50 percent more economical than other houses of equivalent square meters. It offers an important housing model opportunity where those who want to own a house can make their dreams come true. For this reason, it is among the most preferred house models in detached housing. 

There are two main factors for modular home prices to offer budget advantages. The first of these is due to the fact that the housing model is pre-production unlike other houses. Since the factory pre-production is carried out on technological lines and with a control system, material waste is eliminated. At the same time, the use of materials in design-specific dimensions is another factor that prevents waste. 

The second factor that significantly reduces the cost of housing is the labor advantages. Since the pre-production of prefabricated buildings is generally done with machines, minimum labor is needed. Likewise, the modular home produced and shipped to the assembly site are assembled by a professional team without the need for different craftsmen.

The setup time is 70 percent faster

One of the most important advantages of the modular home model is the speed of construction. Modular homes are 70 percent faster to install than standard home models. For example, the installation period of a 100 m2 modular home can be completed within a month. It is very convenient to sit inside the house in a month from the order. It completely eliminates the housing rental financing needs.

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