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The laptop plays an important role in our life. We use it for our official work, watching movies, playing games, watching videos and the list goes on. Generally, the laptop does all this work without any issues. But what if the laptop starts showing you hard times such as the laptop doesn’t turn on, stuck a black screen, stuck a blinking cursor, etc? Customers at dell service centre laxmi nagar claimed that their laptops are running just fine now after applying these methods on their devices. Here’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. What’s to do when your Dell laptop faces difficulty in turning on?


Before jumping on to the solution, first, we need to understand the cause of the problem.  There are several, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Battery or power supply problem
  • Internal hardware damage
  • Malware viruses
  • Corrupted system
  • Corrupted Window Files.
  • Overheating of device
  • Problem with Display


There are some steps that can be followed to resolve when the Dell laptop is not turning on. They are mentioned below:

  • REMOVE THE BATTERY: If the battery is the cause of the issue, then switch off the laptop and remove the battery. After that, attach the AC adapter to the laptop. This can turn on your system.
  • REMOVE ALL MALWARE VIRUSES: Malware viruses can be one of the main reasons for your system to stop working. So once in a while do check the security threats and remove viruses. So your system won’t face such issues.
  • TEST YOUR HARDWARE: Sometimes your device needs a thorough hardware check. Hardware testing can reboot the system. This includes examining the RAM, hard drive, motherboard, video card, etc.
  • DETECTING ANY FAILURE IN HARD DRIVE: Hard drive failure terms to be an important reason for the system to freeze. Hard drive failure causes data corruption and damages the hard drive. Which may lead to errors like ‘ inaccessible boot device’. This decreases the performance of your laptop.
  • PERFORM HARD RESET: In general, a hard reset might help Dell laptops to start. A hard reset drains any remaining power that may cause issues in the device.
  • RESET BIOS: Many specialists state that a corrupt BIOS may be a reason for Dell laptops to freeze. Hence, BIOS resetting can be helpful in restarting the system. For this, you have to press F2 / F12 keys and when you see Dell logos release the keys.
  • REPLACE DISPLAY PANEL: Replacing the display panel can fix the issue. For this, you need to make sure that the display panel doesn’t have any problems. To check this, all you have to do is remove the battery and power cord from the device. After this, if the LED is stable, then an external monitor can be used to connect the device. Now, ensure whether the display is visible on the monitor or not. If it is then you have to replace the display panel.
  • CONTACT DELL CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If any of the above solutions can’t fix your laptop, you can seek help from Dell customer support. Search your laptop model and issue and get professional help. If your laptop is still under warranty, you might get a free repair or even get your device replaced.


  •  Why does the Dell laptop screen black?

There are various causes that lead the Dell laptop screen to turn black. Some of these are display problems, power, and battery problems, damage to internal hardware, viruses and other malware in devices, devices getting overheated, corrupted window files, and corrupted systems.

  •  How to fix the Dell laptop when it won’t reboot?


  • Perform a hard reset
  • Replace display panel
  • Reset BIOS
  • Detect failures in the hard drive, if there are any
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove all viruses and other malware.
  • Reset laptop
  • Run a computer diagnostic.


  •  What does a black screen on a laptop mean?

If your laptop screen turns black, that means there are some issues with your laptop. It can be some major issues or minor issues. The screen turning black without any warning may lead you to lose your data. This can create lots of chaos.

  •  How to retrieve data from a Dell laptop when it won’t turn on?

There are some steps that can be followed in order to restore your data when the laptop’s screen turns black:

  • Try booting in safe mode ( internal HDD)
  • Try booting from CD or external drive.
  • Removing the HDD and using it with another PC
  • Boot laptop with a window installation disc
  • Using a professional data tool.


Laptop holds a lot of importance in our life. It will be very difficult for us if it stops working even for a single day. In this blog, we have discussed what to do if your Dell laptop won’t turn on. What are its causes and the solution to these problems mentioned above? These fixes will not only resolve the issue but also increase the functioning of the laptop.

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