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Delivering Global Cloud Infrastructure to New Markets: Interview with Burhan Fatah, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO of Sivoo 

Global Cloud Infrastructure

With data and streaming demands at an all-time high, Sivoo has answered the call with its global cloud infrastructure to offer network-based data and video services and platforms. A video streaming pioneer dating back two decades, Sivoo has shifted its focus from the US to emerging markets, predominantly in Africa and Asia, but with a footprint in 150 countries globally. The company’s goal is a CDN comprised of 50+ data centers in the world’s most populated cities with edge capacity interconnected with its telco partners to leverage the next billion users. In this interview with TechBullion, Burhan Fatah, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO of Sivoo will be giving us an insider account of Sivoo’s offerings and the breakthrough in the new markets.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Burhan Fatah, Ph.D. and I’m the founder & CEO of Sivoo. I have more than 20 years of experience in online media & entertainment, social media, mobile/cloud computing, and information technology management. In my career, I’ve founded several companies and am especially proud of my work with Sivoo becoming a leader in the Internet television market for multicultural on-demand entertainment.

What is Sivoo’s company vision and what does it do specifically? Who are the target markets and customers for Sivoo’s global cloud infrastructure?

Our global cloud infrastructure offers a variety of network-based data and video services. Our SivooTV offering serves 3M+ users across 100 countries. We also work with large telcos across the globe and have expanded our offerings with our AI platform for developers and the AI development community to build, test and host models for marketplace accessibility.

Global Cloud Infrastructure

Why are servers optimized for video streaming important in today’s market, could you give us some insights into the global market size and demand for the Sivoo products?

Given the scope of country markets where we are seeing the most accelerated growth, it is conservatively more than 1 billion users leveraging only the top 4 telcos’ subscribers. Through our current and prospective partnerships, we believe Sivoo can reach 10% within the next few years. To do that, optimized servers are important because they are built with the latest GPUs, and an abundance of RAM and storage to easily satisfy the demand.

Sivoo’s proprietary CDN, marketed as SivooCloud, is a private data network of global cloud servers to get content closer to the end users, could you enlighten us more on this?

In an early effort to manage costs, control and efficiencies, Sivoo set out to build its own cloud. Today with 4 nodes in 3 countries, we have proven over the past two years that our decision was correct. Moving forward, we plan to stand up 50+ of these nodes in targeted metropolitan areas to effectively manage demand and growth markets.

Sivoo’s video streaming server platform, running across the company’s CDN, was developed for managing all video-related tasks from ingestion through distribution, could you give us a walkthrough of this and how it works?

As content is ingested from various streams, we prepare it for our multiple platforms through our proprietary software routine. It is then deployed through replication across our CDN and interconnected to our telco partners for high-availability. 

Sivoo’s AI platform provides the most powerful, efficient and eco-friendly environment for developers and the AI development community to build, test and host models for marketplace accessibility. Why is this important and how does it work?

It is important for the development of the AI community and the adoption of practical AI functions. With the high percentage of AI creation in the “compute” phase, we feel there is a tremendous market advantage for us to offer this service for less than others. We are developing and introducing AI video features to our cloud, specifically routing and dubbing with other AI model training and processing services to be among the first offerings.

SivooTV offers viewers free, ad-supported short-form web clips, TV shows and movies covering a diverse array of genres including local languages. Could you tell us more about SivooTV?

As the craving for online entertainment grows, SivooTV, our flagship video product, lets users feed their viewing habits across all the available platforms today. From unfettered web access to mobile and OTT platforms, SivooTV gives users free content to satisfy their habits.

Global Cloud Infrastructure to New Markets

For anyone interested in your services, how can consumers get or use the Sivoo products and services?

Simply go to to watch VOD or download the SivooTV app at your devices’ app store by searching for “SivooTV”. By registering, you unlock added features and recommendations.

Would you like to share with us some of your success stories so far on this innovation. How well is Sivoo doing in the new markets?

Sivoo is bringing video streaming and AI focused services including other traditional remote data services to emerging markets and abroad leveraging our private cloud. With our projection of 50+ data center nodes, we will easily satisfy underserved regions through our expanded capabilities while extending our service offerings to make the entire SivooCloud platform more diversified and robust.

What are you currently working on and what is next on your roadmap, any available opportunities for investors and partnerships at Sivoo? Any more information to share with our readers today?

Sivoo is working on building value propositions, from partnerships to growing our user base and cloud infrastructure to support adding markets. We are open to speaking with partners and investors that offer synergies to Sivoo whether they be operational or network relationships.

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