Deliver Virtual Training Solutions From The Clouds With DiSTI Schoolhouse™

Virtual reality has transformed the training landscape in the automotive industry. With the growing adaptation of VR solutions by large corporations, Virtual Training solutions have emerged as a reliable means to optimize training as opposed to traditional training solutions.


Virtual training solutions are a great way to train new employees, upgrade their qualifications, and get existing employees up to speed. Virtual training solutions enable employees to acquire knowledge, getting them work-ready in no time. They also reduce employee stress, facilitating efficient learning by familiarizing them with the working environment.


DiSTI’s virtual training solutions allow employees to work together on the model in real-time. It reduces the hassle of tedious paperwork and bureaucracy and shortens interaction time.


The DiSTI Corporation is the leading provider of virtual training solutions that allows you to leverage the benefits of Virtual Reality at all stages of development, production, and testing. Leveraging DiSTI’s Virtual training development solutions reduces development costs and facilitates long-term business growth.

The Need For Virtual Training Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Training involves activities that improve employees’ performance, enabling them to streamline their work. Well-designed training programs increase employee productivity and loyalty. Investing in employee training results in comprehensive business growth, directly influencing the enterprise’s financial performance.


The automotive industry has been using a standard approach to training its employees. The traditional process involves theoretical training and then practicing to work with actual operation equipment and materials under supervision.


As daunting as the process sounds, it also amplifies their stress levels causing them to make mistakes. Some of these mistakes could harm the employee or cause equipment damage that skyrockets a company’s expenses.


Virtual training solutions are a boon to organizations looking to streamline their training processes while cutting costs and reducing the risks associated with traditional training methods. 


Virtual Reality training offers the trainee an immersive experience in a three-dimensional space, simulating a natural working environment. This allows the trainee to hone their skills in a safe, stress-free environment.


Additionally, virtual training solutions allow the trainee to make mistakes without affecting them or the equipment at risk. Thus, the trainee can acquire confidence in the new skills by repeating actions as often as possible to achieve fluency.


Virtual training solutions allow trainees to learn new skills in any situation, teaching them how to work in different scenarios.

DiSTI Delivers Virtual Training Solutions To Automotive Industry Leaders

The DiSTI Corporation provides 3D virtual training solutions and develops Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) for industry leaders in the automotive industry. Offering relief to manufacturers struggling to keep their technicians proficient in the latest automotive technology, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ offers virtual reality training without the need for a physical model. It allows trainees to acquire new skills and improve the maintenance and diagnostic process.


The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® enables complex and immersive training applications. DiSTI’s VE Studio, a virtual training development platform, builds immersive virtual training programs to educate and assess technicians. The software features allow rapid prototyping and scale training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.


DiSTI’s 25-year legacy of training solutions now also leverages a complete virtual classroom management system allowing instructors to train students in remote environments. Using DiSTI’s Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution, technicians, dealer technicians, and other partners worldwide will now benefit from this cutting-edge training methodology and receive certifications.


Previous studies have shown that training through DiSTI Schoolhouse™ reduced a traditional 3-day instructor-led technical certification course to 9 hours, improving student engagement and knowledge retention rates.


DiSTI has a proven legacy of developing virtual training solutions, especially in the aerospace market. Automotive vehicles have undoubtedly become just as sophisticated by leveraging DiSTI’s virtual training solutions for the automotive industry.


DiSTI is committed to delivering a premium training experience through intuitive technology for a safer and better understanding.


DiSTI Schoolhouse™

DiSTI Schoolhouse™ is an application streaming service optimized for graphically intensive 3D applications. Managed by DiSTI, DiSTI Schoolhouse™ is a leading virtual training solution that allows corporations to leverage the benefits of remote training.


Remote training allows organizations to train and certify staff irrespective of location while lowering training costs, improving overall efficiency, and capturing detailed historical results for review.


DiSTI Schoolhouse™ offers a blended curriculum by streamlining the deployment of desktop, local virtual reality (VR), and Mobile VR applications through your existing Learning Management System (LMS).


With DiSTi Schoolhouse’s cloud-streaming solution, customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial, and Medical industries can access interactive real-time 3D content through a standard Internet browser on Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, tablets, and Windows.


DiSTI Schoolhouse™ doesn’t require software modification or installation since the content is rendered directly in the cloud. It removes the need for the local computer to contain high-end graphics rendering hardware.


DiSTI Schoolhouse’s Virtual Classroom allows instructors to create classes of arbitrary size with assigned content and facilitate them with live voice chat, text, screen sharing, video capture, and optional webcam capture.


It is paramount to keep up with the ever-evolving technology in the automotive industry. Leveraging DiSTI’s virtual training solutions enables you to gain a competitive advantage. To learn more about The DiSTI Corporation’s virtual training development and solutions, please get in touch with sales@disti.com.

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