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DEIP successfully concludes the first round of IDO within 45 seconds

DEIP successfully concludes the first round of IDO within 45 seconds

The Web3-meets-creator-economy company sold 8 million tokens in the first round of their IDO.

DEIP concluded its first public sale of tokens yesterday, filling all of the allocation in less than 24 seconds. The sell-out initial DEX offering (IDO) took place on Boca Chica, completing the sale of 8 million tokens. The next stage of DEIP’s public sale will begin on April 15 on

Currently, there are 50 million creators out there: over 47 million amateurs and over 2 million professionals. The big social platforms were forced to act and start to offer incentives for monetization. However, these platforms are intermediaries that still take a rather large slice of the value. Using Web3 technology, DEIP plans to eliminate centralized publishers and put creators at the center of the economy.

To stay in keeping with decentralized and shared governance, DEIP has launched its first public sale, auctioning off 0.2% of the company. Founded in 2018, DEIP has been funded by private investors, over a dozen venture capitalist firms, and business angels which include the co-founder of EPAM Systems and the CEO of

DEIP’s IDO is taking place in two stages on two different dates and platforms, with the first already concluded on Boca Chica and the second due to begin on on April 15, 2022. From this date, investors will be able to deposit funds to in NEAR tokens to purchase a share of 5% of the company which will be auctioned on from April 22, 2022.

As part of both stages of the IDO 208,000,000 tokens will be sold, 5.2% of all DEIP tokens. Following the IDO, participants in the public sale will receive their tokens at the token generation event with no vesting. 10% of the funds raised will be donated to support humanitarian causes to aid refugees from Ukraine.

DEIP is working on the creator economy and developing the most advanced decentralized protocol for it. DEIP aspires to establish it as a core infrastructure for realizing the full potential of creators all across the world. The DEIP creator economy protocol allows intangible assets to be discovered, evaluated, licensed, and traded. It was created with intangible asset tokenization (F-NFT), governance (through DAO), and liquidity in mind (via DeFi instruments and derivatives).

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