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Defy Trends Woman-Led Startup Announces Launch

October 14, 2021 – DeFy Trends has announced the preliminary launch of their AI-powered DeFi data analytics platform. On September 30th, the all-female founding team was named one of two winners at The Startup Showdown in Miami. Simultaneously, they received a $120,000 USD investment from Panoramic Ventures, which also served as the competition’s judge. It was chosen as “best company” for the competition out of 200 outstanding candidates and is now taking the DeFi world by storm. The platform is designed to assist investors in making smarter choices, and it even includes an environmental effect assessment.

Female-led companies received just 2.3 percent of VC investment in 2020. That figure is just 2.1 percent in the first eight months of 2021. As more women join the startup and tech worlds, the demand for equality grows. Imge Su Cetin, Elena Garidis, Masha Prusso, and Daniel Henao Moreno founded DeFy Trends, the DeFi analytics and information project. Defy Trends is aiming to offer a comprehensive solution for understanding how the crypto market works by giving tools, a network, and instructional material.

DeFy Trends was designed to assist both novice and seasoned crypto traders on their investing journey into a sector that is still relatively unknown to many. DeFy Trends offers dependable data to assist any investor in making well-informed choices based on statistics and trends. When it comes to coping with volatile markets, the company has observed anxiety in both novice and experienced crypto traders, which is why they are here to assist.

Its initial product uses data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide consumers with real-time information on the benefits and risks of different cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that the product is still under development, Henao Moreno said that the team plans to follow a mixed B2B and B2C approach.

Businesses, such as banks, would pay for access to the startup’s API in order to integrate it into their current systems, while individuals will pay for Defy Trends’ unique platform for personal investing.

The possibilities of the tools included in the DeFy Trends kit are as varied as the factors that affect bitcoin markets. Each of the platform’s membership packages provides customers access to a customized collection of indicators that are suited to their trading requirements and may also be customized in their own dashboard.

The firm, for example, created the Defy Trends Index, which rates coins and assists traders in determining which are undervalued and which are overvalued. Its artificial intelligence system analyzes past data to predict future trends. Another program monitors social sentiment, giving users a more accurate view of what the HODL community is saying at any given moment.

In addition, Defy Trends has developed a sustainability index that illustrates how each currency impacts the environment. Not only are many crypto investors worried about the environment, but environmental effect frequently has an influence on a new project’s public image, making environmental impact data both strategic and ethical.

In an unregulated sector where it is easy to be led wrong, real-time information may make the difference between profits and losses. The business intends to grow in the next year, and it is expected to draw interest from both retail and institutional investors.

About DeFy Trends

DeFy Trends is a women-led, all-in-one, straightforward, real-time analytics platform built as a chrome extension. It provides traders access to real-time data so they can make better investment decisions. The platform provides data insights based on fundamentals and sentiment using on-chain analysis and high-tech data science algorithms. The platform scours the web and social media for cryptocurrency sentiment analysis, combining real-time market data, qualitative data, and artificial intelligence predictions to provide retail and institutional investors with cutting-edge crypto market insights.

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Masha Prusso is Head of PR at Polygon. | She founded Crypto PR Lab and is a partner at Story VC, fund investing in blockchain startups and helping to boost growth with PR. She writes about DeFi and NFT among other topics in blockchain space. | Winter Olympic Games participant in snowboarding halfpipe, and attorney, she invests in blockchain startups and helps boost their growth with content creation and business development.

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