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Defy Trends Enters With a Fresh Approach to DeFi Analytics

Defy Trends created an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that allows investors to take a deep dive into blockchain data – without needing to spend loads of time setting up custom data sets.

On its surface, the platform that Defy Trends developed is a powerful tool for cryptocurrency investors of all kinds.

But the true potential of the platform is far greater. Blockchain-based systems are being used in numerous vital industries, and the data on these blockchains may be the key to breakthroughs in many areas.

Founded by a consortium of women, Defy Trends allows investors to monitor cryptocurrency markets from a comfortable User Interface (UI) and delivers simple to understand market data in real-time.

Let’s take a look at where the platform stands today.

Defy Trends Makes Understanding Cryptocurrencies Simple

If you take a look at a site like CoinGecko – you will understand why many people see the crypto markets as overwhelming. There are loads of tokens, and getting to the bottom of how they interact takes a lot of work.

Defy Trends addresses this challenge by using AI to mine deep into what a token’s blockchain is doing on a 24/7 basis, and allows investors to watch the markets from a UI that cuts out the noise, and makes market movements understandable.

In addition to delivering rankings for every major token, the AI that Defy Trends developed is able to make accurate predictions about market movements. In fact, it was able to accurately predict the crypto market crash on May 19, 2021.

Data: The Asset

On its surface – the Defy Trends platform is built to help investors make great decisions in the cryptocurrency markets. No doubt, anyone who wants to invest in cryptos would benefit from using Defy Trends and should demo the platform for free.

However, the backbone of what the female-led team at Defy Trends created has a range of use cases – which is why the company has both won awards, and attracted investment capital at a very early stage.

It isn’t hard to see the potential of this platform. Today, data is the new gold.

Platforms like Facebook make huge amounts of profit by successfully collecting data, and using it to shape the way people think. While this is questionable from an ethical perspective, it does show the power of data in a connected world.

Defy Trends AI is set up to digest data from multiple, separate blockchains. Unlike a platform that centralizes data – Defy Trends is able to mine data from a huge number of sources, all of which are built with different architectures.

As blockchain enters other markets, like healthcare, or gaming, the potential for this platform to expand is enormous.

Analytics Are The Next Frontier

Diving deep into data will be the way forward for numerous kinds of research. Blockchain is being used in many more places than it was even a few years ago, and this trend is likely to continue.

The simple fact is that blockchain makes things easier, which means lower costs, and greater oversight. One of the most inefficient sectors in the world is healthcare, where record-keeping systems are slow and expensive.

It is estimated that healthcare is a $10 trillion industry – and while this figure might be on the low side– the amount of data created in healthcare on a daily basis is enormous.

The main problems in health data sharing can be solved using the blockchain. Security, interoperability, and accessibility are all important factors in managing healthcare data.

In terms of interoperability, without permission, anyone in the world can access information stored on a public blockchain, but there are a number of projects that have successfully addressed this issue.

On many of these platforms, each patient has control over and maintenance of their own patient file, with only verified healthcare providers able to make changes.

When the patient presents these records to their healthcare provider, the provider can use the blockchain to verify previous entries and changes, ensuring that the patient is able to access their records anywhere.

Institutions can also gain direct access to the verified, secure medical records, saving time and energy spent looking for and waiting for permission from whoever may have the records at the time.

But it gets better. The same kind of AI that Defy Trends uses to crunch crypto market data could easily be used to perform a meta-analysis of healthcare data, which can lead to new insights into how people get sick – and heal.

A Background in Big Data

The founder of Defy Trends, Imge Su Cetin, is all about data. She earned a Masters in Data Science from UCSD and went on to develop advanced data prediction tools for the United Nations.

Now that she and her team have access to capital, and an amazing product to offer the investment world, they are in a position to take AI-based data processing and apply it to areas where it can make a big difference.

It isn’t what Defy Trends is doing today – but the potential for growth from this group is very real.

A Massive Advantage for Any Investor

Today, Defy Trends is making it simple to enter the crypto markets and make informed investment decisions. Its clients don’t have to make market analysis a full-time job, and they can subscribe to a plan that makes sense for them.

In addition to actionable market data, the platform also allows investors to better understand the environmental impact of the blockchain that allows a token to operate so that green investment in the crypto markets is simple to do.

Defy Trends offers plans for anyone from a small retail investor – all the way up to a major institution that wants to have extra analytical tools to use in a market that can be volatile. Anyone can use this platform, and start making better investments in cryptocurrencies.

No one is left out of this platform, and given the amount of interest in cryptos – Defy Trends is probably setting itself up for a large expansion in its client base over the next year. 

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