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Definitive Guide To Discover The Flavors Of Wine

Accompanying a meal, celebrating a special occasion or simply for pure pleasure while reading a good book. It doesn’t really matter when. There is always a good excuse to open a good bottle of wine and enjoy the explosion of aromas and flavors that are hidden within it. Best flavors of wine you can buy thorough licoreria cerca de mi.

Contrary to what often seems, the world of wine is not complex. No big words are needed to refer to him. In these lines you will find some very simple guidelines to understand why wine tastes and smells the way it does.

All people are capable of identifying the four main flavors through taste. All of them are present in the wine:

  • Acid: It is often the first taste we identify. In white wines and rosé wines they are more marked, while in red wines it is sought to have a lower presence. It brings freshness in any case. We will detect it by the salivation it produces on the sides of the back of the tongue. That salivation will gradually move through our mouth, thus activating the rest of the flavors.
  • Sweet: The grape is the fundamental component of wine and as a good fruit; it has a good amount of sugars, which are transformed into alcohol during fermentation. However, even in dry wines, there is always a trace of residual sugar left, which leaves a sweet sensation on the palate when saliva travels through our mouth.
  • Salty: It is also activated by the passage of saliva. In this case it has to do with mineral salts and is related to what in many cases sommeliers and prescribers call mineralogy. This salty taste is more present in white wines than in reds, but its intensity will often depend on the regions where the grape comes from.
  • Bitter:It is a flavor that is generated when drinking wine and that is related to tannins. Bitterness is more typical in red wines. In general, when the grape has matured well, the bitterness leaves a pleasant aftertaste in our mouths.

Although depending on the type of wine it is possible that one of these four flavors appears with a little more intensity than the rest, when all of them are present and there is a certain harmony between them, we say that the wine is balanced.

When it comes to drinking the wine you will find an endless number of aromas that will accompany each of your drinks. You will see how these, like the flavor, evolve in the glass as those meal progresses, that special moment or that books that you have opened. We will talk about the aromas another day. For now, enjoy your drink. And remember, the best wine is always the one you like best and you can buy it from licoreria cerca de mi.

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