Definition, Usage and Construction Method of Asphalt Cold Filling Material

Definition, Usage and Construction Method of Asphalt Cold Filling Material

Asphalt cold filler is a material specialized for road maintenance and is usually supplied in a prepared cold fill form. Compared with hot supplement materials, asphalt cold supplement does not need heating treatment, which is more convenient and fast, suitable for small area of road repair.

Besides asphalt cold filling material, hot asphalt mixture is used more widely in all kinds of road construction projects. Hot material usually produced by special bitumen hot mixing equipment.

Asphalt cold filling is usually used in:

  1. Crack repair: Asphalt cold supplement can be used to fill and repair cracks and defects on the road surface.
  2. Pit repair: When potholes appear in the road, asphalt cold supplement can be used to fill and repair the potholes to restore the smoothness of the road surface and the safety of vehicle driving.
  3. Repair the side ditch and drainage ditch: the asphalt cold supplement can also be used to repair and clear the damaged parts of the side ditch and drainage ditch to ensure the drainability of the road surface.

The following is the simple construction method of asphalt cold filling:

  1. Cleaning and preparation: first clear the repair area, remove debris, soil, etc. Ensure the repair area is dry and locally trimmed as needed to keep the edges neat.
  2. Fill material: Fill the bottom of the repair area with a layer of fill material, such as sand or stone debris, to provide a stable foundation.
  3. Fill the cold material: pour the asphalt cold fill into the repair area, fill it evenly with a shovel or paver, and ensure that the cracks and holes are filled.

4.Compaction and repair: press and compact the repair area using a vibrating roller or other compaction equipment to ensure that the cold filling material is closely integrated with the existing road surface and eliminate the gap.

It is important to note that specific construction methods may vary depending on the material type and vendor requirements. It is recommended to read and follow the detailed construction guidelines provided by the supplier before construction. In addition, for large-area damage or complex situations, professional road repair companies may be required.

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