DeFi Project Ultrasafe Explodes on all Fronts

Most crypto projects would say that getting big quickly is impossible, and they would be right. The crypto sector is extremely competitive, with new projects being launched all the time, making it next to impossible to cut through the noise. This forces even the best projects to scramble to differentiate themselves from the endless sea of scams and rugpulls.

However, there are some projects that make this growth seem effortless – something that can only be achieved through a combination of a great pitch, potential, and perfect timing. Everyone has experienced talking to a friend in a room full of people when everyone seems to stop talking at the same time, just when you are about to say something embarrassing. These are the moments of quiet in DeFi that projects with great timing utilise to explode in the Crypto-sphere. This is exactly what happened with Ultrasafe.

Ultrasafe Experiences Rapid Growth

Ultrasafe is a new DeFi project that allows users to buy and hold its token, ULTRA, in exchange for rewards from its reflections protocol. In other words, the project allows users to earn passive income whilst ensuring investors’ funds are secure from both cyber attacks and rugpulls. The project has enjoyed a very strong community-driven hype, which led to a rather rapid and dynamic achievement of numerous milestones.

For example, Ultrasafe holds two world records in DeFi, according to its platform. The first one is hitting a $60 million market cap in under 48 hours, and the second one is reaching 5,000 holders in a single day. It is undoubtedly a strong start that not a lot of projects get to experience.

The project was launched only a few weeks ago on Binance Smart Chain, and it went through several audits that confirmed its legitimacy and quality. The first one took place pre-launch, which is likely partially responsible for such rapid acceptance from the DeFi community.

Within the first 24 hours from launch, the project hit a $10 million market cap, it was listed on CoinGecko, and it hit 5,000 holders, as mentioned. In a little over 24 hours, its number of holders doubled to 10k, and the project quickly announced that a second audit is coming. By the 36th hour post-launch, Ultrasafe was at 13k users, and it held a $5,000 giveaway just to thank the community, which made it trending on CoinGecko.

It achieved the largest amount of liquidity locked off any coin on Cryptex only 3 days after launch (May 17th), and on the same day, it released its whitepaper. On the very next day, its second audit — done by CertiK — ended, right after the project hit 25,000 holders.

By May 20th, the project started attracting some serious attention, even being listed on its first centralized exchange, Prior to this, it was only available on BSC’s PancakeSwap. It is worth noting that all of this happened during the crypto macro-market price crash, which took 50% of most coins’ value, which is why ULTRA’s performance is not nearly as impressive as its growth in other areas. However, the price is very likely to catch up in days to come, provided that the bears are truly letting go.

In the meantime, by May 30th, Ultrasafe had published its second audit, it concluded two giveaways, it exploded on Twitter and Telegram alike, and it got its billboard live in Times Square. The project is currently approaching 50,000 holders, and it was just recently listed on CoinMarketCap, which will undoubtedly help. However, its major goal is to get to Binance, and CMC listing is likely the first step towards reaching that goal, given that CoinMarketCap has been owned by Binance for about a year now.

All in all, Ultrasafe is one of the fastest-growing new projects in the broader crypto industry, and it will be interesting to see how quickly it will continue to hit new milestones. The emphasis that the project has taken on being the safest place for a cryptocurrency investor to store their wealth has been a major catalyst for its success. It will be interesting to see what steps the developers will take to ensure their holders remain the safest in the crypto-space. 

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