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The modern financial system is constantly evolving. But people got tired of standard instruments – they want something more advanced and faster. Also, bank clients would like to have more privacy. That is why DeFi become more interesting for those who think that the modern financial system should evolve faster.

Defi is comprised of financial instruments represented in a form of services and applications, created with blockchain technology. The main task of decentralized finances is to create an alternative for the banking sector. DeFi adepts are sure that protocol with an open code is the future of world financial structure. The founders of the decentralized finance projects want to provide access to decentralized credit grants and new investment platforms.

Most DeFi projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain – the number of new software is constantly growing. The best example is MakerDAO which has been launched in 2017. The general capitalization of other decentralized finance projects reached 236 billion USD.

This system uses many technologies, created inside a blockchain sphere. And all of them can be used to make transactions. All Defi projects are blockchains that are exploited for transactions recording. Most of the project holders work inside the Ethereum network because it is better adapted for software developers. Decentralized projects also consist of digital assets which can be sold or bought. And the third component of DeFi network is a wallet which is a custom user’s interface that is used to control assets, stored inside a blockchain system.

But the main component of this system is a smart contract. This is a blockchain code that is used to perform, control and document all actions so they will meet the requirements and rules. Smart contracts are used to create decentralized applications.

DeFi projects became extremely popular but without promotion tools, no one will know that you have founded a new company. You will need groups with many subscribers so they can an advertisement.

Where can you advertise your DeFi project?

There are 5 groups from ICOSpeaks Company that could be interesting for you:

  • ICOSpeaksNews. Despite the fact that this is basically a news channel, you can still order advertising services for the project. If you will subscribe you can also see other projects and news about events in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere. As you can see the subscriber count is very big so many people will see your ad.
  • DeFiMillion. This channel is dedicated to decentralized finances. Here you can find news about new projects. You may be wondering why there are so many advertisements for other DeFi projects? As you can see, promotion services are very popular among viewers and subs. You can contact admins to find out how much does it cost to add a post.
  • IEO Pools. This channel has been created as a news provider. You can subscribe for free and follow the latest event. The decentralized finance sphere is deeply connected with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. That is why you can advertise your Defi Project here – you will find your audience.
  • BTCChamp. Despite the fact that this group has been created to exchange BTC tokens, you can still find much useful news here. This group is very popular in the ICOSpeaks community and it means that your advertising post will be seen by many potential clients and members.
  • ICOSpeaks. Probably that is why Telegram messenger is very popular. You can PM everyone as long it is in your contacts. You can also create a group where any member can write a message and start a conversation. It is as easy as it looks – advertises your project by yourself!

We hope that these channels will help you to get as many clients as it is possible.

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