DefHold Introducing the First Global Crypto Staking Platform for Maximum Investor Income


One of the significant problems troubling the staking and yield farming world is early withdrawals and market manipulations. Most risk-averse investors often remove their position when they notice a slight change in token values or possible market manipulations. Withdrawing the position taken often leads to significant plunges in value, especially if the person withdrawing their position is a market whale. 

DefHold is here with quite a solution for early withdrawals, which will reduce the chances of market manipulations. This platform introduces the first global crypto staking platform, rich with features, and has vast benefits to farmers and stakers. 

Global Crypto Staking Platform Defining Features


DEFO is the native token in DefHold, and as such, the standard medium of exchange in the platform. Holding the tokens has unlimited benefits, be it when using the crypto staking option or the Whaleclub.

For instance, the holders of these tokens will enjoy a share of the profits made from all activities run by the DefHold Platform. As new products are introduced, the entry charges, transaction, and subscription fees will make up profits for DEFO holders. 

DEFO will remain non-inflationary and probably deflationary in the short-run and long-run, respectively. The platform ceased to introduce new DEFO tokens; thus, the token will not lose value over time.

Early Withdrawal Fees

The feature defining this new global crypto staking platform is the early withdrawal fees(EWF) feature. DefHold’s initial plan was to operate the EWF, with limited other staking options. Recently they released information about an upgrade to the EWF to create a comprehensive crypto staking platform. 

All investors will freely join the platform, with the lock-up period being determined by the smart contract. However, an investor will freely leave the market but under a specific condition, the payment of the early withdrawal fees. 

For investors sticking till the end of the lock-up period will not pay the EWFs. Using this feature will reduce the number of investors dumping the tokens; instead, it will increase the tokens’ value. 

Investors who have the reasonable control of their cash flows will stay until the end of the lock-up period to enjoy the profits. The fee charged as EWF will be shared with the investors, thus increasing their wealth.

Upgrades to Faster Pools

The platform will offer different pools, each with different minimums and lock up periods. However, in some instances, in the DeFi world, some pools will grow and possess the attributes of a faster pool. What will happen in such an instance?

DefHold institutes a functionality that works with the EWF, where when the pool hits the features of a faster pool, the investor automatically graduates to the pool. Upgrading investors will help more invest to maximize their returns while keeping their DEFO tokens. 

A World of Tokens

As the name suggests, DefHold’s global crypto staking platform is genuinely global. It proves that by supporting all ranges of ERC-20 tokens, unlike any other staking and farming platform. 

Investors do not need to change their assets to invest in this platform; instead, they invest in their chosen asset. Similarly, the staking rewards are apportioned to all ERC-20 tokens in participation. 

How will this platform Work?

As initially proposed in the EWF pools, the platform will adopt lots of EWF features, including the rates and lock-up periods. It’s true to say that EWF, like DEFO, is a strong driving force of how this platform functions.

Since this platform supports all ERC-20 tokens, investors need to choose their investment choice and start staking. After staking and actively participating in the project’s growth, the investor awaits rewards in DEFO. The smart contract automatically buys DEFO when the investor stakes, for the amount relative to EWF. 

The pools in these platforms have lock-up periods, as aforementioned, after which the rewards are distributed to all staking parties.

Benefits of Global Staking Platform

The main benefit that DEFO holders will get from this platform’s launch is increased usability, reliability, and lucrativeness of DEFO. DEFO will get more loyalists who will increase demand and value as the only token based on the crypto space that adopts the EWF mechanism. 

Moreso, this platform is the only one supporting all ERC-20 tokens and, as such, will have top usability and reliability. The staking service demand will lead to more staking parties, more DEFO holders, and ultimately non-inflationary attributes. 

This platform fosters diversity by supporting all the ERC-20 assets; thus, investors switching different needs will find suitable options in the platform.


The launch of this product is soon, on the 24th of December, and all investors should brace for this platform’s many benefits. Foremost, the platform introduces deflationary attributes for its asset by ensuring it gains value from profits in many different businesses. 

Moreover, the asset will be free from manipulation. Investors who fear possibilities of manipulation or value plunges may freely move out but at a fee dubbed EWF. EWFs are an advantage to the investors who stay till the end of the maximum lock- period. 

The feature upgrading investors to faster pools will also be advantageous to investors who want to move to a faster pool. This platform is one of the solutions that will completely transform the Defi world

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