Deeper Network Launches the Connect Pico: Unparalleled Security in the Size of a Lighter

Deeper Network (DPR), a leading Blockchain developer, has launched its first portable transceiver to access its ultra-secure next-generation Web 3.0 network, the Deeper Connect Pico. This could be the ideal companion for security-conscious computer users on the go.
Connect With Pico

The Pico is roughly the size of a lighter, perfect for travelers looking to connect securely when outside of their home networks. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the riskiest networks to connect to from a security standpoint but are a necessary evil in today’s mobile workforce. Digital nomads, gig workers, and many other groups of people need a way to securely connect when working over one of the most commonly exploited security vulnerabilities.

USB-powered, the device connects automatically to Deeper’s Web 3.0 network. Pico users will enjoy enterprise-level cybersecurity features and unparalleled control over what they’re willing to share, including IP addresses, personal information, and cookies. Worrying over malware and online trackers is a thing of the past.

Users can configure the Pico in three ways: in virtual wire mode between your modem and router, in router mode, or wireless relay mode connected to your laptop. The versatility of the Pico allows you to easily connect and reconnect devices so that no matter where you are, you can rest assured your privacy is protected.

“Deeper Network’s Pico is our first device which will enter the mainstream consumer market. Solving today’s pain points in privacy and security, the Deeper Connect Pico will bring everyone from Web 2.0 into Web 3.0 where the internet is a fairer place.”, said Eric Ma, CMO of Deeper Network

Cybersecurity and Web 3.0

Deeper Network’s Web 3.0 is part of the company’s effort to build a truly decentralized Internet and security gateway. Deeper devices use the blockchain to evade the roadblocks governments and organizations put up to block the traditional Internet while offering improved security to its users, all without any subscription fees.

Each network device serves as a new node, even the Pico. More than 40,000+ nodes are currently online across 150 countries, and with the launch of the Pico and future devices, this number is expected to reach one million nodes by 2024.

Deeper Network is also grateful for the support it has received for the initial debut of the Pico on Kickstarter, which has raised over $1+ million in just eight days. These funds are being used immediately to not only produce the device but to get to work on Deeper Network’s other Web 3.0 efforts, including De-Advertising, DeFi, a DApp store, an NFT marketplace, and a decentralized e-commerce platform.

The Deeper Connect Pico will be commercially available early next year at a retail price of $199. However, for early birds, spots were available on Kickstarter for a special pre-launch price of $109 for the first 5,000 backers. That promotion ended on November 28, 2021. Those early backers will also enjoy early availability, with the first devices shipping out in early January.

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