Deeper Network, Launches a blockchain-based home-network hardware, Deeper Connect

Deeper Network has been constantly enhancing their landmark home-hardware, known as Deeper Connect, which is sufficiently potent to function as a distributed local network, firewall, and mining device. It is among the few blockchain solutions with an actual thing that addresses a real issue. In the firm’s first fundraising campaign, the fourth generation device, Deeper Connect Mini, earned above 500 thousand dollars and attracted about 1700 sponsors.

Although the system has ignited a lot of excitement in the community as a great piece of home-hardware, the Deeper Connect’s importance reaches beyond that. Rather, it serves as the basis for an innovative public blockchain by establishing a trusted internet system architecture based on resource distribution and consensus.

Besides the device’s network infrastructure security services, sharing of network infrastructure is a key function. Deeper tokens (DPR) can be earned by making a portion of a user’s home router bandwidth available to the masses. Deeper Network will release the Deeper Chain, an innovative smart contract blockchain system, soon, which will allow Deeper Connect customers will instantly engage in mining through their Deeper connect device.

The Deeper Chain is a completely decentralized public chain that proposes a groundbreaking consensus algorithm known as PoC (Proof of Credit) that mimics the popular credit system we use every day. PoC enables Deeper Connect systems to mine fresh DPR tokens by sharing their bandwidths, and it ensures that all stakeholders have an equal chance to thrive from the Deeper Network as long as they continue to contribute to the system and accumulate credits. Their consensus protocol, unlike other current consensus frameworks, provides each member a majority vote, prohibiting one group of participants from overwhelming others. The higher a system’s credit score is, the more its bandwidth capacity.

In our view, the Deeper Chain is a significant forward step in the development of a more transparent and democratic internet. Yes, it’s referred to as Web 3.0 by others. We all know the internet has never been the free, available, and democratic medium that it was intended to be. We’re putting our money on solving these tough problems, and we want to be one of the leading contributors to the development of a distributed, democratic, and equitable Internet: which incentivizes citizens, the real users.

Deeper connect Mini FAQs

What is the present state of Deeper Mini Connect shipments?

Deeper Connect Mini is the first in a series of games. While Covid-19 made it to take a little longer, the company started shipping in early October 2020 and purchase the kit.

How do users ensure that server shares are shielded from cyber-attacks so that the network is safe? How can customers defend their networks from being used for illicit purposes by third parties?

Deeper Connect Mini is a Tier 7 firewall that can detect and block malicious software. The computer can identify most web technologies due to the AtomOS filtering feature, and users can reject unsafe connections. Deeper Connect Mini can also tell the difference between you and the people you’ve exchanged connections with. This means that if anyone else does anything illegal, the system will detect it. Eventually, users will switch off-network distribution and think about wireless sync.

What makes the Deeper Link 4th generation Mini Generation model different from the previous model?

The Deeper Connect Mini has the same level of features as its predecessor but is much smaller and easier to carry around.

What operating system is installed on your device? What is the most suitable option?

AtomOS, the world’s first released network OS, is used by Deeper Connect. It has excellent scalability, efficiency, and reliability. AtomOS reaches 1 Gbps bandwidth by using a multi-core processor. Locks are used in other operating systems to overcome several very sluggish and hazardous nuclear situations. The locking mechanism in the OS will boost production efficiency and stability.

What is the total number of targets and where are they located?

There are over one thousand characters in the world. North America, Europe, China, Singapore, and India are all home to them. With more supporters on board going forward, the network is expected to extend to Latin America, several more Middle Eastern nations, and more European and Asian countries.

What is the procedure for setting up the device?    

The devices can connect to (1) your ISP’s cable adapter, (2) your ISP’s router, or (3) a pre-designed WiFi modem and router using one of the ports. For delivery, the other end links to a WiFi router (optional) for distribution. This video shows the product’s installation process.

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