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DeenAiR: An Efficient & Secured Blockchain Platform


The DeenAiR blockchain launch will confer efficient and stable solutions to the current problems in the blockchain industry. The major objectives of the company are to be cost-efficient and sustainable in blockchain technology. 

From originating as a mere concept in 1991 on a research paper to transforming into a lucrative technology, blockchain continues to revolutionize every sector. The launch of Bitcoin, the pioneer blockchain, in 2009 marked the development era of the DeFi sector into a compatible rival of TradeFi. 

Bitcoin and other leading blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, and Solana incorporated their unique solutions to solve the ‘Blockchain Trilemma’. Yet drawbacks do exist that make the existing platforms inefficient and unstable.

The DeenAiR team stated:

“We plan to launch DeenAiR, a fully algorithmic AI-based blockchain made from scratch. Starting from point zero, DeenAiR will gradually advance as an efficient and stable solution in this disruptive industry.”

Optimal Solution With AI Technology 

The pioneer blockchains like Bitcoin, are based on the high-energy consuming Proof-of-work (PoW) consensus which has proven to be an unsustainable mechanism posing various environmental hazards. Due to this, most projects are evolving in the crypto space with sustainable options. Thus, DeenAiR deploys the delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) consensus.

The network deploys protocols such as HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and C++ code base to confer energy efficiency and stability to the ecosystem. Specialized cryptographic systems such as EdDSA along with machine learning and artificial intelligence boost the network’s security.

Its native token DeenAiR (DEEN) powers the DeenAiR ecosystem. DEEN is a hybrid token model, a combination of both the inflationary and deflationary models. It serves as the primary utility token, transaction fee, and reward within the platform. Also, DeenAiR will serve as a blockchain that posts low and predictable fees for the network’s users.

DeenAiR project will be easily accessible by people even without much high-end technical knowledge, as the platform itself will simplify the basic components of the configuration. The distinctive feature of the platform is the maximum attributes functioning without much relevance to the smart contract. 

On August 4, DeenAiR Labs unveiled the start of their project’s pre-seed round. The Inchain  NFT is all set in the testing phase and further queued up with Inchain fungible tokens, and Inchain auctions. The technical complexity of adoption is reduced with SDK inclusion. The core development team is aiming to roll out upgrades gradually as per their roadmap.

About DeenAiR 

DeenAiR is a prominent tech firm with vast expertise in Infosecurity (InfoSec), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR). The mission of DeenAiR is to create an efficient & stable infrastructure that unifies the prime features of NFTs, AI, and AR into the blockchain ecosystem. 


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