DedaLand’s Innovative Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Attracts Attention of Web3 Community

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / July 01, 2024 /—In a groundbreaking move to drive digital assets to the masses, Dedaland is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This milestone sets the course for DedaLand to take charge of revolutionizing access, onboarding, and awareness of cryptocurrencies.

Bridging the Gap Between TradFi and DeFi

The DedaLand ecosystem is designed to make interacting with cryptocurrency effortless for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. At the heart of this vision is the Dedabit cryptocurrency exchange, a platform that prioritizes transparency, security, and an intuitive user experience.

To achieve its mission of bringing digital assets to the masses, DedaLand offers a comprehensive suite of products that empower users to engage with crypto effortlessly. These products include Dedabit for trading, DedaATM for convenient cash-to-crypto conversions, DedaPoS for point-of-sale transactions, DedaLink for seamless transfers, and DedaGateway for integrating traditional finance (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi).

DedaLand understands that to optimize users’ experience in web3; they require comprehensive 360-degree products that not only facilitate them to onboard but also engage with crypto in their day-to-day lives.

User Experience at the core

Recognizing that mainstream crypto adoption hinges on simplicity and ease of use, DedaLand places user experience at the forefront. Beyond facilitating crypto purchases and trades, the platform enables users to spend their crypto on real-world goods and services, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly process.

$DEDA Utility Token

$DEDA is poised to revolutionize the crypto space with its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The utility of $DEDA tokens is designed so that a user can accrue maximum value by using it within the DedaLand ecosystem. Its utility ranges across multiple fronts, from trading fee discounts to using it as a payment method for real-world goods and services.

Moreover, the structure of $DEDA’s tokenomics is also designed with the community at the center of this ecosystem.  The total supply is fixed at 2,540,000,000 tokens, with 5% available for public sale during the ICO. The company has also instituted a burn mechanism to gradually reduce the total supply of $DEDA tokens, increasing their value and scarcity over time. This approach ensures that community members are consistently rewarded for their involvement.

Pioneering a multichain future

DedaLand acknowledges the vital role of a multichain future in realizing the full capabilities of blockchain technology. As a result, $DEDA is created for multichain compatibility from the start. While the initial launch will be on the Binance Smart Chain, plans are underway to expand $DEDA to Ethereum, Tron, and Matic blockchain networks. And to facilitate interoperability between these blockchains, DedaLand integrates a multichain bridge, called the Deda bridge, for users to seamlessly communicate with their $DEDA tokens.

Early access and community benefits

The community still has a chance to get their hands on the $DEDA token by participating in its ongoing activities. The first and foremost is its Telegram Airdrop bot, with 20 million $DEDA tokens allocated for the most active community members.

In addition, there is also an ongoing referral program that allows influencers and active users to share their referral links with their community. Their community can enjoy a special discount on their $DEDA tokens, and the referrer gets rewarded for their participation.

Cutting-Edge Investor Safeguards with Hedge90

In an innovative step, DedaLand unveils Hedge90, a unique solution aimed at protecting investors. Hedge90 allows DedaLand to repurchase $DEDA tokens, refunding 90% of the initial investment, with a 4% fee on all Hedge90 transactions. This automated system, managed by dual smart contracts, ensures liquidity and transparency, significantly minimizing the typical risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

What differentiates the rules of this smart contract and the unique value proposition it serves is that in the event the market rises, the buyers of Dedacoin have the ability to cancel their contract. The contract conditions are programmed for automatic reversal of their 4% transaction fees in USDT.

Vision Ahead

The team behind DedaLand consists of seasoned developers and blockchain experts with multiple years of experience building in the web3 space. The DedaLand ICO is just the beginning. With the upcoming launches of its ecosystem, the new altcoin – DEDA, is poised for significant growth and wider adoption. It will mark a new era for its community with the primary goal of widespread adoption and usage of digital assets.

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