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Decurian’s founder to donate a portion of his holdings

Decurian continues to reach new heights. The crypto-unicorn of 2020 is very close to its launch and is gaining momentum within the crypto-community. The social media accounts of the cryptocurrency have been seen to be very active and it seems that the team is working hard to put everything into place before the cryptocurrency goes live.

According to one of the recent posts, Decurian’s purpose built cryptocurrency wallet is in its beta-testing phase, which means that it is very near to its official launch. This development would be a major milestone in the roadmap of Decurian’s official launch. The community around Decurian has once again started to show trending activity with more content and interaction on its social media accounts.

Amongst the developing headlines to come out of the Decurian headquarters, perhaps the biggest of them all is the recent announcement by the founder of Decurian, Michael Chodorowski, who has pledged to donate a portion of his Decurian holdings for charity. This step by the founder goes out to show how Michael thinks and believes in giving back after so many mistakes.

In a recent interview, Michael shared how he felt about the role Decurian is playing its part in helping the community. The founder has not revealed the amount that he is willing to donate, but the number of $100,000,000 has been said to be accurate. Michael Chodorowski has joined the list of founders who have passionately devoted some of their efforts for philanthropy. However, this act of kindness is not the first one for this founder. He has donated a good amount of his wealth to the community in the past, he just does so in a way that is very private. This size of gift is hard to keep under wraps.

More details on this will be announced officially by Decurian’s team. The little details that Michael revealed in the interview was that he is willing to pledge a sizeable amount to a foundation which primarily helps children and teenagers to attain their goals. This realization that when you equip someone with better opportunities, you equip them to lead better lives is a reflection of how he feels it a responsibility to pass on the right to go for your dreams. The foundation will be named The Jackson

As Decurian cryptocurrency closes in on its launch and the community is equally hyped for the official release of Decurian tokens. With news of Decurian wallet being released very soon, the cryptocurrency has started to gain momentum. On top of that, the CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency has clearly shown his intentions of taking the business and philanthropy activities side by side. With all of this being said, the community is waiting for the highly anticipated cryptocurrency. All that is left is to see how long this wait would be!

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