DECIMATED: Blockchain Videogame, a Survival Game with a Blockchain Economy and Salvageable Cryptocurrency

blockchain videogame

The gaming industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent times. This is due to the advancement in the gaming hardware that comes out year after year. Many game creators are now offering users games which are free to play but offer many in-game purchasable items. This new strategy has lured many gamers into purchasing the in-game items.

However, the way it is currently being done is by converting the fiat cash into in-game currency before spending it on the items. This method is hugely flawed and costs both the company and the gamer extra fee. Hence, the team behind Decimated has come up with a revolutionary method of using the blockchain technology to solve this issue.

What is Decimated?

Decimated is an online game that uses the blockchain technology to hold all the digital assets on the game such as bags, clothes or any other item, on the blockchain. The game also has an in-game currency called DIO. This is an ERC20 token that can be used to buy items inside the game or can also be traded with other players as well.

The game starts off like any other survival game out there, players will not have anything when they initially enter the game and they need to scavenge the materials available inside the game. This can then be traded on the market in exchange for the DIO tokens.

How does Decimated work?

All the items inside the game are on the Ethereum blockchain. Whenever someone claims any particular item inside the game, it will get registered on the blockchain and no one can take it away from you. Unless you yourself are willing to give the item away.

The game also rewards the players for the content that they generate on the game. This way, the players are further motivated to perform better in the game. As mentioned earlier, the game starts off as any other survival game. If a player continues to play the game for a considerable amount of time as well as abides by the game rules, he will be promoted to be a cop in the game, provided he passes the test. Later on, as the game progresses, the player gets promoted to a higher position.

The Decimated team:

The team behind the project has had a very good experience in the field of both the gaming industry as well as the blockchain industry. The project was founded by Stephen Arnold who has been delivering high-quality gaming visuals and gaming experience for a very long time now. Samuel Visscher is the blockchain lead on the team.

Ken Thain is the man behind the storyline. Given his past experience in developing AAA title games, he is apt for this position. The team also consists of several highly capable software developers as well as marketers. With such a solid team working on the project, the success rate is extremely high.

The DIO token and ICO:

The DIO token is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. There are a total of 1 billion DIO tokens that are all pre-mined. This means that the game does not use any proof of work mining consensus. Instead, it uses the proof of stake consensus wherein the validators are rewarded with just the fee attached to each transaction.

The only way to get your hands on the DIO token is by participating in the ICO token sale event which is currently live for a private group. The public token sale is going to start from February of 2019.

Users can earn the DIO tokens because of the content they generate on the game, by selling some of their items as well as by becoming PoS validators. This token can then be exchanged on several exchanges on which it will get listed on.

The Decimated project is still very new. Given the past take on the success of blockchain based gaming apps such as crypto-kitties, etc, one might think that even this will spread like wildfire. However, when it comes to crypto, you can never be sure about anything. Thus, invest in the project at your own risk.

So, what next?:

The Decimated project is a very promising one. The combination of Unreal Engine and the blockchain technology might be very good. As the game ages, the number of players will eventually increase and along with it the value of the DIO token. So, don’t miss this amazing opportunity, see the website here>

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