Decentralized Exchange Jelly Swap Adds Bridge to XDC Network

Jelly Swap, a decentralized exchange offers a swap bridge to the XDC network. It will allow users to swap XDC with Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). This platform enables cross-chain swaps and token trading across Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Harmony, and Binance Smart chain.

All decentralized platforms in which the XDC community has full authority over their funds are encouraged and supported by XinFin. In a decentralized manner, the BlockDegree finances students’ blockchain education and is also included in the XDC Network.

TradeFinex, the flagship app of XinFin. This is the peer-to-peer decentralized platform for trade finance creators to distribute deals to a wide range of bank or non-bank funders. TradeFinex empowers MSMEs to find funding and will deploy escrow smart contracts to fund infrastructure projects.

Beneficiaries and Financiers can record payment obligations on the blockchain through TradeFinex. This is designed to create a seamless financial experience without borders or barriers.

Jelly Swap CEO Tito Titov said,

 “Our goal is to give exposure to the best technology in the blockchain space that can make a real difference in the future. We are excited to add a bridge to one of the fastest-growing networks in the DeFi space that solves the scalability and high fees issues.”

Through Jelly Swap DApp the interoperability problems in blockchain transactions could be solved. This is not like centralized exchanges which custody your tokens for you. Decentralized Exchanges make sure that users have full control over their tokens at all times.

Moreover, the network which is smart contract compatible, hybrid blockchain network is XDC Network, it also supports 2000+ TPS, with minimal fees and 2 second confirmation times. Even more, the network offers multi-dimensional solutions.

Although, an enterprise-ready blockchain is XDC Network. It is well-positioned to appeal to institutions finding to engage with blockchain technology. The hybrid architecture of this network aims to combine the best of both private blockchains and public blockchains. And maintaining both a permissioned private state and a permissionless public state. The XDC Network runs on the XinFin delegated proof of stake consensus (XDPos) between trusted master nodes.

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