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Decentralized Community Harcox Finance Offers Accessible Scaling Solutions Arrives

Decentralized Community Harcox Finance Offers Accessible Scaling Solutions Arrives

The team at Harcox Finance, a decentralized community-driven project, is pleased to announce the release of its project to the crypto community, as it attempts to provide more accessible scaling solutions to serve humanity.

About Harcox Finance

Harcox Finance is a BSC native token and a decentralized community-driven project created to serve humanity and also provide accessible scaling solutions. At its core, Harcox Finance enables easy economic activities in the metaverse, NFT marketplaces for trading of arts and collectibles, as well as low gas fee platforms.

The project also promotes decentralization in economics, ownership and governance, and enables the integration of real world effects in a virtual space (the metaverse).Harcox Finance leverages on the latest technologies and the power of innovations to drive its growth, scale its operations, and solve the scalability issues to make the crypto landscape a better place.


Harcox Finance will have a metaverse, a futuristic virtual gaming world, where members will have a firsthand experience of life in a decentralized manner. Members will be able to purchase lands and build structures like schools, offices and conference centers for leisure and entertainment purposes, using NFTS and other tools.

NFT Marketplace

Harcox Finance will have an NFT marketplace where users can showcase their artworks and digital collectibles for others to purchase using the Harcox Finance token ($HF). In the marketplace, members can buy, sell, and trade their properties for a profit.
Users that earn in-game assets can come straight to the Harcox Finance NFT marketplace to exchange the assets for real-world money.

The $HF Token

$HF is the native token that powers the Harcox Finance protocol. $HF is built on the Binance Smart Chain to promote community voting. It will be the commercial token for scaling and making purchases on the Harcox Finance Metaverse and NFT marketplace.

$HF will available for trading on both centralized and decentralized exchanges after the presale, which is scheduled to kick-off on the 5th of February,2022 at 3am UTC .

The presale activities will done on the Harcox Finance website, after which listing on major exchanges follows.

Harcox Finance Ingredients

1. The project is 100% community-driven and its liquidity is locked.
2. All transactions on its protocol don’t attract any taxes.
3. It is charity oriented and it boasts an anti-whale mechanism.
4. 5% of the total supply is allocated for partnership to further promote the project.
5. Development of Metaverse and NFT marketplace.
6. The team of Devs are blockchain experts.
7. Strong marketing team.
8. Staking and Yield Farming


Total Supply: 150,000,000
Max Supply: 150,000,000
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Ticker: HF
Presale (Two Tiers): 45%
Liquidity: 15%
Team: 10%
Staking and Yield Farming: 10%
Charity and Development: 5%
Partnership Reward: 5%
Metaverse and NFT ecosystem: 10%

In order to participate on Presale:

Harcox Finance is designed to an effective tool for scaling in the Blockchain industry as a whole, which makes it susceptible for major adoption.

With the incoming pre-sale, the team is pleased to give users an opportunity to be part of the project, at very early stages, as we move towards revolutionalising the industry.

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Company: Harcoxfinance
Contact Name: Chris Jameson
Location: New York City, USA

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