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Dean Scaduto Named in Forbes Next 1000

For the first year, industry-leading publication and news outlet, Forbes, names its list of the ‘Forbes Next 1000’. This prestigious nomination is granted to upstart entrepreneurs who are redefining the American Dream and making big waves in the world.

Presented by Square, this year’s list of those named includes none other than serial entrepreneur, thought leader, and award-winning author, Dean Scaduto.

Dean Scaduto Inducted into the 2021 Forbes Next 1000 List

Having a successful and storied career, from budding entrepreneur to successful business leader, Scaduto has worked with such industry behemoths as Uber, Calvin Klein and Blade Urban Air Mobility.

Throughout his time as an entrepreneur, Scaduto has successfully conceptualized, launched and grown several thriving businesses. This year, Forbes has recognized his past and present achievements, as well as his potential to make a positive impact on the world moving forward.

To that end, Scaduto was named among the Forbes Next 1000 for Infinity Epoxy Floors, and the ’40 Under 40’ award by ProRemolder for one of his other home improvement companies, Kitchen Infinity.

Current Ventures

Dino’s Digital

As a digital marketing and advisory firm, Dino’s Digital is the engine that powers Scaduto’s businesses. This highly selective referral-based firm specializes in working with large brands ranging from Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies, as well as those businesses with mission-driven impact campaigns.

Leveraging the power of ‘digital’, the firm utilizes e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation campaigns, along with cutting edge technology and innovative techniques to help its clients thrive and prosper even among the most highly competitive of niches.

Kitchen Infinity

Offering creative and forward-thinking advice, inspiration and style tips, Kitchen Infinity empowers homeowners to create the homes and spaces they dream of. Since its inception, Kitchen Infinity has earned a reputation for its inspirational designs, quality craftsmanship, and breathtakingly beautiful kitchen renovations that are as visually stunning as they are utilitarian.

Infinity Epoxy Floors

Specializing in commercial, industrial and residential epoxy floors, Infinity Epoxy Floors offers a wide range of high-quality epoxy solutions for concrete, flake systems, metallic epoxy flooring and more.

About Forbes Next 1000

Presented by Square, each year Forbes shines a light on America’s best and brightest small business owners. This year’s list showcases ambitious startups, bootstrapped shops and entrepreneurial heroes (though they are too humble to admit it themselves).

This edition features businesses from around the United States, with revenues and/or funding under $10 million, highlighting a tenacity and hustle to achieve lofty goals without the cushion of hefty venture capital or debt.

Screened by some of the brightest business minds in the industry, including the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook, this list of 1,000 new faces redefines what it means to dream, launch and successfully run a business in today’s highly competitive market landscape.

About Dean Scaduto

Dean Scaduto is an accomplished entrepreneur, best selling author, multi-discipline thought leader and double Ivy league grad with degrees from Harvard and Columbia. His best-selling book, SEO Fundamentals for Small Business Owners earned acclaim for its straightforward, impact-driven approach to SEO. With a strong background in operational management, networking, technology and digital marketing, Scaduto is the current acting CEO of Dino’s Digital Marketing & Advisory Firm, Kitchen Infinity, and Infinity Epoxy Floors.

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