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Dealing with Florida’s Humidity: Tips for Maintaining Clean and Dry Carpets


Florida’s high humidity might make you a bit uncomfortable. But it’s even worse for your carpet as high humidity makes maintaining it difficult.

Still, there are some things you can do to keep your carpet in top condition even in Florida’s high humidity. And we have discussed them here. So read the blog to know how humidity affects your carpet and tips to maintain it.

How Does Humidity Affect The Carpets?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. And the average daily humidity in Florida is 85%. Due to this, it’s the 4th most humid state in the US. While you cannot see this water vapor, it can harm your carpet.

The effects of humidity on the carpet are slow but severe. You may not even notice the changes in your carpet at first. But over time, there can be increased wear and tear on the carpet, and it may look duller. So to notice these signs before it’s too late, you should know how high humidity in Florida impacts your carpet.

↳ More Dirt & Dust

A wet climate always brings in more dirt and dust inside your home. So keeping your carpet clean becomes difficult. Also, this dirt and dust stick to the stains and makes cleaning them harder.

↳ Mold Growth

The greatest problem with high humidity is that it leads to mold growth. This harmful fungus affects your health and leads to diseases and allergies. It happens when your carpet doesn’t dry fast enough due to humidity.

↳ Ripples On Carpet

The wet climate also impacts your carpet’s appearance. It does that by causing the fibers to fluff up. And after the dry conditions where it shrinks, the sudden change causes ripples. These ripples make your carpet look darker and reduce its looks.

Tips To Maintain Carpets In Humid Climates

Luckily, living in a humid state doesn’t mean you can’t protect your carpet from it. Apart from getting professional carpet cleaning, here are some tips to help you maintain your carpet even in a humid climate.

  • Control Indoor Humidity 


While you can’t do much about the outdoor climate, you can control the humidity in your home. 

  • Invest in a humidity monitor to check the indoor humidity. Check it to see that humidity doesn’t rise about 45-50%.
  • Then if you feel the humidity getting high, turn on the AC to control it.
  • Avoid hot showers when there is a high amount of water vapor in the air.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan while cooking to remove hot steam.


If you do all this, you’ll be able to keep the humidity under control.

  • Ventilate  Your Home 


Woman opening the window to take a breath. Quarantine concept.

Another way to keep humidity down and prevent it from affecting the carpet is to ventilate your home. Start by opening all the windows and turning on the fans. It will improve the airflow in your home and prevent humidity build-up.

You can also invest in mechanical fans if you live in Lehigh Acres, FL, where the humidity is too high. It will make the air move faster and remove humidity in no time.

  • Hire Experts For Carpet Cleaning


Lehigh Acres is a humid area, even in Florida. And if you live there, you should get your carpet cleaned by experts at least once or twice a year. They will use methods that need little to no water to clean your carpet, which reduces the chance of mold growth. 

They will also remove the stains caused by the humid climate with their green cleaners. Due to this, hiring carpet cleaning services in Lehigh Acres is good for your carpet.

  • Clean Spills Quickly


Woman cleaning carpet

Spills cause a huge problem for your carpet, even under normal conditions. But in a humid climate, the issue gets worse. So if you don’t treat spills quickly, they can seep deeper into the carpet and cause wear and tear. These spills can also discolor your carpet.

But you can prevent this by blotting the stains as soon as you see them. With this, you prevent the spill from spreading further and becoming a tough stain. Also, you stop the stain from attracting dirt and grime by removing it quickly.

  • Get Water-Proof Padding

If you live in humid areas like Naples, FL, you should start protecting your carpet from the day you install it. You should ask the carpet company for waterproof padding below the carpet.

This padding will stop any liquid from getting to the carpet backing. It is important because if water reaches the backside of the carpet, you will have to replace it entirely. Also, this will make the cleaning much easier for carpet cleaning services in Naples. And help you save money.

  • Check For Mold


There is always the risk of mold growth in humid areas. And wet carpets will most likely have them. So if you have cleaned your carpet recently or there is a weird smell, check your carpet for mold growth.


First, you should look in darker areas away from sunlight. Wear gloves and glasses while doing this for protection. Mold spores will be dark green, and you can spot them easily. Also, they have a musty smell.

After you spot mold on your carpet, don’t try to remove it. Contact experts in your area, as they can remove mold quickly and safely.

  •  Dry The Carpet Properly

After cleaning your carpet, you need to dry it quickly and correctly. It is important as wet carpets can cause big issues if there is high humidity. If you want to ensure quick drying, do this-

  • Open all the windows and turn on the fan.
  • Turn on the AC.
  • Use a rake to fluff up the carpet fibers for better drying.
  • Invest in mechanical fans or dehumidifiers.

Also, you should only use DIY methods for deep cleaning if you have the right machines. So if you don’t have the right tools, it is best to get help from the experts.

  • Use Carpet Protector


If you can invest some money, get a stain protector for your carpet. This protective film will prevent water, spills, and other items from getting into the carpet fibers and causing damage.

You can ask a carpet cleaning company in Florida to apply the protector. They will charge extra for it, but it will be worth it in the humid climate.

  • Keep Indoor Plants Away From The Carpet


Lastly, if you own indoor plants, keep them away from your carpet. They can release water, which can drop on the carpet. If this continues, it can lead to the growth of mold, pests, and allergens. So keep the plants away from the carpet to avoid this problem.

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