DCFS – How Can We seize New Wealth Opportunities Under the Boom of Celebrity & NFT?

January 24 news, the trending celebrity Edison Chen announced the latest notice of his new NFT project on social media, this notice is attached with a preview image of the jointly-designed NFT by the big hit brand Emotionally Unavailable and The Heart Project. Prior to this, Edison Chen spoke in the community, saying that he always has a personal discussion with Jay Chou about jointly releasing and they are likely to cooperate for the launch of an NFT project with Jay Chou by the end of the year.

The participation of a large number of giant institutions and celebrities brings continuous heat to the NFT market. The latest data show that the total sales of NFT on the Ethereum chain exceeded $20 billion, setting a record high. According to historical data, in less than three months, total NFT sales on the Ethereum chain increased by more than $12 billion, the increasing rate reached up to 150%.

NFT has attracted the attention of many people outside the industry, so for anyone who is new to the industry, where is the opportunity for NFT? At present, there are many new NFT projects in the market, which one can stand out?

DCFS project that allows anyone to participate in

DCFS, the full name is “Distributed Computing File System”, aims to use the idle computing power of thousands of volunteers around the world to meet the growing data-processing demands of the Internet. DCFS plans to create a high-performance distributed computing power network that is cost-effective, low latency, high density, wide-coverage, elastic, secure, infinitely scalable that anyone with Internet access can use.

DCFS values the great prospects of NFT and is committed to building a sound NFT infrastructure, supporting project creation, building a comprehensive NTF trading platform, developing innovative and derivative applications, such as the combination of NFT and DEFI, combined with Metaverse, etc., to create a complete ecological chain of NFT. Users will enjoy low-cost, secure, and efficient digital services on DCFS. The revenue generated by the business will be returned to the contributors involved in the ecological construction.

As an early contributor to ecological construction, you can share the generous DCC reward for the DCFS official by participating only. DCC, as the only Token of DCFS, issued a constant total of 500 million. Wherein, 1% to the DCFS Operations Management Team, 1% to Airdrop Reward, 2% to Community Incentives, 12% to DEFI Fund Pool, 20% to Ecological Construction, 5% to DCFS Foundation, 5% to DCFS Joint Lab, 54% to hash power mining reward. For any project, the earlier you join in, the more reward you’ll get, now is the best timing to contribute!

In the future, DCFS will develop more ecological applications based on the public chain to build a complete ecosystem. DCC, as the only incentive layer of DCFS, the prospect is broad, it is expected to become the next dark horse. With more and more applications on the DCFS chain, the consensus of DCC has been strengthened, and the number of DCC addresses continues to increase. The value of DCC will be unlimited.

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