DCFS: Distributed Cloud Computing Dark Horse, Another Heavyweight Project of Web3.0

With the opening of the intelligent era of everything, the demand for computing power in a large number of application scenarios is growing. At present, the total scale of global computing power has exceeded 429EFlops, and it is expected that the global overall scale calculation power will reach 3300EFlops by 2025. In the future, the shortage of computing power and the low efficiency of calculation force have become an objective fact and challenge.

Nowadays, the most popular web3.0 is composed of three parts, namely, distributed file storage, distributed file distribution and distributed cloud computing. As one of the three modules of web3.0, distributed cloud computing has a huge computing power application market. Compared with centralized computing, distributed computing with the advantages of high efficiency, high fault tolerance, low cost and so on, can better meet the growing data computing needs of individuals and enterprises. Thus, more and more enterprises and organizations begin to lay out the field of distributed cloud computing.

What will be the next leading project in distributed cloud computing? DCFS was born in 2021, relying on strong capital strength, quickly occupied the distributed cloud computing market, and became a dark horse in the field of distributed cloud computing.

  1.   DCFS distributed computing

DCFS is a distributed computing public chain developed by DCFS laboratory. DCFS and Simulink can be used in multi-processor computing environment to form computer network, which solves the problems of computing and data-intensive. Generally speaking, it is a kind of blockchain technology to ensure the security of the system through the combination and sharing of resources.

The components of the DCFS public chain are composed of DCC Token, computing power dispatching center and decentralized computing provider. Its technical principle is as follows: DCFS is mainly provided by the computing power provider with all kinds of computing power hardware, and forms a variety of different computing power pools/storage pools, so that the computing power can be aggregated, allocated and scheduled, and applied to all kinds of scenarios, such as VR, AR, graphics rendering, etc., the calculation power can be used in the whole period of time and avoid the waste of computing power.

During which, the computing power dispatching center audits and monitors the access of power in real time, and submits the proof of computing power to the DCFS public chain. DCC distributes the benefits according to the proof of computing power.

DCFS has the ability to create its own custom algorithm, by increasing the volume of computing power supply, increasing the multivariate algorithm system of arithmetic pool, and minimize the cost of computing power. In addition, DCFS is also compatible with EVM and has the ability to support all kinds of popular DAPPs. By virtue of the leading technology DCFS can walk in the forefront of the development of distributed cloud computing.

  1.   DCFS incentive layer-DCC

DCC, as the only Token of DCFS, total distribution of 2 billion. Of these, 5% is airdropped to community consensus, 5% to the foundation, 10% to the ecological construction, 10% to the laboratory and 70% to the miners. At present, DCC is in the airdrop stage, Rock Hash hash power trading platform is the strategic partner of DCFS.

  1.   Wide application of DCC

3.1.        Application DCC in DCFS Ecology

The application model is as follows:

 3.2.   Application of DCC on Rock Hash platform

a. Purchasing hash power

Providing computing power for DCFS to obtain DCC airdrop, at the same time participating in marketing can also obtain DCC airdrop.

b. Functions of platform Token

DCC, as a platform token of the Rock Hash, can be used to deduct transaction fees, purchase hash power products and so on.

3.3.        Application of DCC in ETOKEN Wallet

DCC, as a platform token of ETOKEN wallets, has the following functions:

  1.   Deduction of transaction fee
  2.   Deduction of rate in Quick Exchange/OTC
  3.     Pledge for DCC mining
  4.   Pledge for DCC financial management, etc.

  1.   Future value of DCC

IPFS is the next generation of Internet technology, at present, many different projects emerged on the distributed storage sector, among which the representative project, Filecoin, its token price has increased by more than 400 times so far. As the forerunner of distributed computing, DCFS mainly calculates and calls the stored files through efficient computing power. In the future, it will become an important infrastructure of the metaverse to help it achieve the landing of more applications.

DCC, as the only incentive layer of DCFS, has broad prospects and is expected to become the next dark horse. With more and more applications of DCFS chain, the consensus of DCC is strengthened, and the number of DCC token addresses continues to increase, the value of DCC will be limitless. DCC is committed to becoming the platform token of more alliance platforms, from the blockchain field, mining field, to crypto field, forming an ecological closed loop, providing the best channel for more users on the chain to participate in the top level of the block chain.

  1. How to get DCC

5.1. Get DCC rewards for participating in DCFS Ecological Construction

5.2. Buy products on the official website of Rock Hash to obtain DCC airdrop

Any Rock Hash user who buys a platform product or participates in a platform activity will receive a corresponding number of DCC rewards.

Rock Hash official website:

5.3. Using Crypto Trading function on the EToken Wallet APP

EToken APP Download Link:

5.4. Trade on Tokenpocket

BSC chain – contract address:

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