DCFS – Constructing a Complete NFT Ecosystem

At the beginning of the new year, the NFT market once again ushered in an unprecedented boom. It’s just halfway through January, the trading volume of the OpenSea market hit a record high. As of Jan. 21, according to Dune Analytics, OpenSea has a monthly turnover of $3.4 billion and more than 1 million users.

The game and the overall level of many projects have a qualitative leap, it emerges many outstanding projects, there are a massive number of communities on Discord with hundreds of thousands of members, many NFT players are active and chat day and night in their groups, players are getting used to upgrade by chatting in community and get whitelisted. They know very well about the entry threshold and requirements of different projects and jam every channel in the community. All these phenomena confirm the popularity of the NFT market!

The explosion of NFT trading volume in 2022 will continue for a while because with global celebrities such as Jay Chou, NBA star Curry entering the game, it will continue the heat of this track. According to the latest data from the blockchain analysis website CoinGecko, the current total market value of NFT has exceeded $30 billion. The top three NFT by market capitalization are Theta Network ($7.1 billion), Axie Infinity ($4.2 billion), and Chiliz ($2 billion).

DCFS attaches great importance to this ecological industry with great development prospects, is committed to building a perfect NFT infrastructure, supporting project creation, building a comprehensive NTF transaction circulation platform (like OpenSea), and developing and innovating derivative applications (such as the combination of NFT & Defi, together with Metaverse).

The second phase of DCFS will be based on NFT, project creation as the core, transaction circulation, and other derivative applications as the driver, to create a complete NFT ecological chain. Users will enjoy low-cost, secure, and efficient digital services on DCFS. The benefits generated by the business will be returned to the contributors involved in the ecological construction.

DCFS will develop a computing power infrastructure public chain suitable for the digital economy The components of the DCFS public chain are DCC Token, computing power dispatching center, and decentralized computing provider. The power dispatching center audits and monitors the power of the access in real-time, and submits the proof of computing power to the blockchain. The DCC chain will distribute yield incomes according to the proof of computing power. In addition, the DCC chain is also compatible with EVM and has the ability to support all kinds of popular DAPPs.

DCC chain is a high-performance blockchain that supports EVM, aiming to build the computing power infrastructure of the Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence + Big data. It strives to create a cost-effective, low-latency, high-density, wide-coverage, flexible, secure, infinitely scalable distributed computing power network.

DCFS will combine DEFI/Metaverse/NFT and distributed high-performance computing network to build a complete DCFS chain online and offline ecological chain.

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