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Day Trading Trainer Shares Investing & Market Analysis Techniques to Beat the Market

Trading may prove to be an extremely lucrative avenue if traders are well equipped. But, many are not and fail. According to recent research, within three years, only 13% of traders continue to day trade. Only 7% remain after five years. 

Starting to trade and invest may be intimidating for most, but all is not lost. provides a platform where the average person can talk to a crypto professional one-on-one and get their questions about crypto/blockchain answered. Day Training Trainer aims to educate and offer professional advice, which would also eliminate the need for aspiring traders to rely on the advice of strangers online. They also offer investing and market analysis techniques to assist traders in gaining success. This article will explore these techniques.

The Scalping Technique

The Scalping technique is when traders monitor price moves. They would then aim to profit off of small price fluctuations across small time periods. Scalpers would monitor gaps in the bid-ask spread of the market, as well as gaps in liquidity. In order to make a profit using this technique, scalpers would trade using leverage, such as margin or futures contracts. But it has to be noted that although this strategy serves to grow profits, it can also grow losses. Many scalpers use volume heatmaps, order book analysis, or technical indicators, to avoid losses. 

The Swing Technique

The Swing technique is when traders trade on either side of the movement on the market. Swing traders will purchase a security when it is suspected that the market will rise, and will sell an asset when the price is suspected to drop. This technique is a technical approach to analysing markets. These traders are required to study charts and monitor movements on the market which may have larger impacts in the future. 

News Trading Analysis

This technique sees traders trade based on their observations of news and market expectations. These traders are needed to have a skilled mindset seeing that news travels fast. The markets will use the news releases as fuel to move regarding the specific developments. These traders would need to assess the news at a fast pace to know how to trade regarding the new developments. To successfully use this technique, traders would have to treat every market and news release individually, and would have to form trading strategies and use specific techniques for specific news releases. 

Day Trading Trainer

Cody Rose, the founder of, has always aimed to share advice and education on crypto. Cody completed a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration Focus International Development from the University of Montana in 2017. While doing so, he founded Blockchain Freedom LLC, a cryptocurrency investment company. Since the company’s inception, Cody has believed that credibility in the finance industry is extremely important and that he is able to offer it. His experience and education supports this. is Cody’s new company and offers services for cryptocurrency investors and traders. One service offered is a consulting service which covers a range of topics. Examples of these topics are:

  • Buying/Selling/Sending Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets
  • Investing and Market Analysis techniques
  • Trading and specific trading indicators and setups
  • Wallet integration
  • Exchange Interfaces 
  • Yield Farming 
  • Staking
  • NFTs
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Integrating blockchain within your organization
  • Accepting crypto payments for your business also offers trading signals for the top 50 cryptocurrencies. These trading signals are produced from their own professional, private algorithm and indicator. The signals which are produced are extremely accurate and are produced continuously without stop. The signals can be used by scalp traders, who need them within short time frames, as well as swing traders, who need them within longer time frames.’s private discord community receives these signals in real time. They also offer downloadable trading view charts with preset indicators.  

The takeaway

Trading and investing has boundless opportunities, with a range of techniques to take advantage of them. To ensure that you avoid large losses, making use of the investing and market analysis techniques would be a step towards success. If you would need additional advice, Day Training Trader offers a consultation service equipped to answer any questions and offer any advice needed.

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