David Nikzad Launches Sleeping Giants To Help Startup Companies

David Nikzad

David Nikzad is an entrepreneur and founder of Reinmkr Satsang and Orthogonal Thinker Inc., and his bellwether initiative called Sleeping Giants is a new funding and advice source for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Got a great idea, but need funding? Sleeping Giants offers the kind of startup assistance that includes early-stage investing and providing a sounding board that takes into account an entrepreneur’s intentions in business.

David Nikzad has years of experience funding and shepherding startup companies through the complexities of business. He believes strongly in disrupting the status quo in business.

Nikzad wholeheartedly believes in having fun, embracing new paradigms in business, and funding companies that often don’t make the cut in traditional financing and angel investing. From his base in the Hawaiian Islands, Nikzad has incorporated the native love of the Pacific Ocean and natural beauty into a signature work ethic that takes into account the intentions of a company’s founder. Embracing ecology, healthy eating, and using all the parts of plant resources, Nizkad touts the idea of totally disrupting traditional business practices.

25 Years of Investing and Funding Experience

As an entrepreneur himself, Nikzad understands the frustration of trying to secure funding and start a business. Over the last 25 years, he has made a name for himself in the investment community by breaking stereotypes. He was an original investor in the DC club scene, where a group of investors decided to bring celebrity DJs to local clubs, and this was two-and-a-half decades before trance.

Nikzad has invested in real estate, eco-related products, nightlife, technology, and the emerging cannabis industry. He moved to Hawaii where he opened a health wellness center called Lumeria, which is located in Maui.

Other investments and businesses he has started or invested in include Reinmakr Satsang, Orthogonal Thinker, Betterment, Vidyard, Arcview Capital, Aisle50, TutorSpree, Talkable, June Software, TaptoLeqrn, AdStage, Real Crowd, Gazehawk, and Raw Ventures, Randy’s Club, and many others. Orthogonal Thinker holds shares in more mainstream companies that include Airbnb, Equipment Share, Republic, and others. 

David Nikzad incubated and shepherded Randy’s Club, which started as Randy”s Remedy. The 360-degree eco-botanical company produces herbal and botanical products used in topical and oral supplements. These are the soothing and healing formulas which the founders wish they had when dealing with their father’s incurable brain cancer.

Club Experience Defines Much of Nikzad’s Work

Although based in the club scene for 15 years, Nikzad also started other businesses that pushed the envelope in support of healthy eating, natural remedies, and giving startups a leg up, especially those companies where the founder had a unique vision and commitment. Sleeping Giants recognizes the power of committing to a cause, and Nikzad feels that many of these companies will pay strong dividends by accessing the visionary ideas of “sleeping giants.”

Working hard behind the techno scene, Nikzad brought people to famous nightclubs that include The Vault, Fifth Column, Trax, Buzz, Edge, and Fever in the District. He left Washington for Hawaii over a decade ago, but his legacy remains. If you have the drive to make a difference in any area of business, Sleeping Giants can act as your think tank and primary investor.

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