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David Bosley Master’s Ranch Former Director Discusses MRCA and the Legacy Build

David Bosley Master’s Ranch former director recently discussed MRCA and the academy’s legacy build.

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy began as a call from God. In 2004, David Bosley Master’s Ranch former director, and his loving wife, Mamma T, heard a call from God to help at-risk teens in any way they could.

The two of them eagerly said “yes,” to this call. Both had previously worked with at-risk teens and broken families. They had provided safe refuge for adopted children and counseled kids and parents in need.

Many of these kids had been pushed away by adults who were supposed to care for them. This unwanted push is what led many of them to live at-risk lifestyles.

A Door Opens

Bosley and his wife believe God opened a door for them to properly address these at-risk teens’ issues. Their idea was to create a more structured and substantive positive lifestyle for them. From there, the concept of Master’s Ranch Christian Academy was born.

They imagined what it would look like to open a facility with a mission to help at-risk youth overcome the everyday battles and mental health disorders they face. They quickly turned this dream into the reality of Master’s Ranch Christian Academy (MRCA).

A Plan Successfully Executed

At that moment, Pastor David Bosley, Master’s Ranch’s Former Director, and his wife put their plan into motion. 

Seventeen years later, more than 1,000 at-risk adolescents have transitioned their lives through the teachings of Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. 

Bosley explained that when a young person is transformed, their entire family and community are also transformed. 

Founder-Led to Legacy Institution

Master’s Ranch has now changed from a founder-led organization to a legacy institution providing thoughtful, intentionally directed, focused care. 

David Bosley began this work of major transition at Master’s Ranch a few years ago. He became aware of personal health issues and noticed that changes needed to be made at the residential Master’s Ranch facilities.

“I intuitively knew that for Master’s Ranch to grow and mature into a generational care institution, I’d have to hire men and women to take the reins,” Bosley said. “This is when I approached Dr. Ken Tombley with a plan.”

Dr. Ken Tombley and 21st Century Challenges

Pastor David approached the Master’s Ranch board of directors about a possible succession plan. That plan would then be voted on and implemented. 

These conversations led to the installation of Dr. Ken Tombley as the interim Executive Director of Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. 

Tombley accepted this call from God and is now proudly serving as the interim Executive Director of this esteemed organization. The entire board of directors has now been restructured.

Bridging Generational Gaps

A major concern of David Bosley was major generational gaps within the organization. As he and other board members aged, they worked on healing individuals in their teens and early 20s. This led to a wider generational gap and misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy has now addressed various issues and has created solutions to overcome these difficulties. 

“Many challenges face ‘congregant care residential facilities,’ but we’ve created many solutions for these issues,” David Bosley, Master’s Ranch Former Director, said. “We know that families worldwide can benefit from our foresight and the constant efforts we are now taking.”

Bosley concluded by stating that he and his team are eager to unveil the world’s new Master’s Ranch concept. However, everyone will have to sit tight in anticipation for now. 

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