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David Bosley Master’s Ranch Former Director Discusses How Faith Can Help Reform Troubled Kids

David Bosley Master’s Ranch former director recently discussed how faith helps reform troubled kids. 

Faith-based organizations have a strong history of helping troubled kids lead healthier, more productive lives. David Bosley Master’s Ranch, former director, recently explained how faith plays a critical role in reforming troubled youth.

“Faith can help at-risk kids in countless ways, from giving them a safe place to hang out to leading them toward a life free of drugs and aggressions,” David Bosley said. “Master’s Ranch Christian Academy helps reform kids through numerous activities and lessons backed by faith.”

Faith Is Unbiased

Bosley explained that religious faith is so successful in reforming kids because it doesn’t judge kids for the decisions they previously made or make right now. A place like Master’s Ranch accepts kids of all backgrounds and welcomes them to experience all the benefits a faith-based life can provide. 

In addition to prayer and church sermons, faith-based organizations offer safe places to play sports, healthy meals, and even profitable work opportunities. These services are available to anyone who walks in the door, regardless of previous religious affiliation, race, gender, or financial standing.

A Sense of Belonging

David Bosley Master’s Ranch former director cited a report from the American Psychological Association stating religious faith can help people recover from substance abuse. Churches and other religious organizations like Master’s Ranch Christian Academy offer gathering places where troubled individuals become part of a community with similar values. 

Young people attending faith-based recovery programs have several things in common with others. They face similar difficulties with substance abuse or mental illness and believe God can help them achieve a more respectable, productive life.

Optimism Toward Life

Higher levels of faith and spirituality also correlated with positive mental health outcomes like reduced stress and optimism toward life. Substance abuse and other behavioral issues that affect troubled youth can put them in a dark, lonely place. A strong relationship with God shows them that taking control of their lives and fully healing is possible. This provides optimism for the future essential to getting through the most trying days. 

It’s Not Only About God

Faith-based recovery programs include God at the base of every decision, lesson, and action. However, they implement numerous other clinically-proven methods to help troubled youth reach their recovery goals. Additional services include individualized treatment plans, professional counseling, and therapy through the arts, athletics, animal care, and other methods.

David Bosley Master’s Ranch Former Director and Recover

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a multi-faceted, therapeutic boarding school for troubled youth. Programs are rooted in Christianity to reform at-risk kids through world-class Christian academics, quality counseling, adventure programs, vocational training, and hard work on the on-site ranch. 

Every young person who attends Master’s Ranch gains access to faith-based recovery programs that promote self-respect, confidence, responsibility, and the value of hard work. 

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