What is Dav? – A Brief Guide for Beginners.

DAV stands for Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles. An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that is capable of navigating itself without human input. These cars use different techniques to detect and sense their surroundings; these technologies include radar, laser, GPS, etc.

So many automobile companies are putting in research and serious funds to make this a reality. Although there are some very good attempts so far, the technology is still young.

The Idea

Autonomous transportation is the next tend in transportation that will spread far and wide as so many milestones has been achieved already. DAV is the cryptocurrency for autonomous transportation. It is a computer network that will connect autonomous vehicles to everyone on the network. Users on the network will be able to communicate, discover, and transact using the DAV token.

You can request a ride on the network, deliver and pick up a package and pay using the DAV token. Autonomous vehicles will be powered by green energy. Vehicles will be able to recharge their batteries to continue moving. People who own these cars can earn, also people who own charging stations on the network can earn tokens too for their services.

The DAV token allows for the creation of this new transportation platform. The token will be used to make sure that transactions are secured; creating a global payment system between the vehicles, users and supporting infrastructure that involves the concept as a whole.

The internet is a network of computers. It wasn’t the first network but the most successful one; this is because of decentralization. The blockchain ideology is shaking up so many things and changing the way we conduct business these days. So many businesses are thinking of putting their services on the ledger and creating smart contracts. Autonomous transportation has already recorded giant strides and improvements in various parts of the world. There are self-driving cars, trucks etc.

DAV aims to create a transportation infrastructure that will be used by all participants in the autonomous environment.


Payment on the DAV network will be done using the DAV token, which is ERC-20 compliant. There is no information about their ICO as at the time of writing this review.


The DAV team is a large one, made up of 17 members. The CEO is Noam Copel, a senior executive, strategist, and investor, with a strong expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and encryption. Noam is an aviation enthusiast and a multi-engine rated pilot. Then there’s Tal Ater (CTO with over 20 years coding experience), John Frazer (CCO, experienced senior manager) and Joe Lopardo (CMO, 10 years experience in marketing and enterpreneurship). There are other valuable team members with vaste experience and a board of advisors also.

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