Dating Mobile App Development: This Is What Lonely People Need

Dating Mobile App

Despite the fact that there are many strong players in the dating apps market, such as Tinder, Badoo, Pure, etc., this niche is still so popular (especially due to the lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic) that the next solution, designed to introduce people on the Internet, will easily compete with them. We will describe the specifics of dating apps below.

Market Overview

First, let’s take a look at three of the most interesting (and popular) solutions.


This is the app that has become a trend in the world of dating and relationships. It is very simple: you need to register, create a profile, indicate your preferences and start searching. The main thing in a Tinder profile is photos, from which the user decides whether to swipe to the left (refuse dating) or to the right (mark another user with a like). If someone you liked also liked you and swiped your profile to the right, you will have a chance to continue the conversation. Tinder now has 60 million users, a fifth of whom use the app daily.


This is Tinder’s main rival. The service was launched in 2006 by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, and today the application is most popular in Europe and Latin America. When registering, the user indicates his or her preferences and who he or she intends to find: a couple, a friend, or an interlocutor. Using ​​this dating app, you can find people who are nearby and also use Badoo. You can also confirm your intention to chat within the app by swiping to the right, and refuse by swiping to the left. The service is known for the ability to find a double or someone with very similar to your appearance.


The main idea of ​​this dating app is to quickly find a partner for an intimate relationship. According to Pure’s official reviews, it should look like a taxi calling app. All you need to start looking is to upload your photo. This will be a ready date request. It will be valid for 60 minutes, and then it will be automatically deleted (along with correspondence and photos). The search for partners is carried out within a radius of 50 km.

And by the way, according to the Statista’s forecasts, the number of users of such applications will constantly grow – this is primarily due to the popularization of online dating. So, now is the perfect time to start developing your own dating app.

Main Features of Dating App

Here’s the rough structure of a mobile dating apps:

  • registration and authentication window;
  • user profile;
  • search and filters;
  • matching;
  • messenger;
  • payment tool for extra features.

And now we will present you the main features typical for the vast majority of dating apps.


This feature allows app users to compare their current locations with each other and find people who are in the minimum radius from them – all that is needed for a quick date.

Matching algorithms

The purpose of these algorithms is to offer users exactly those people who match their interests, age range, appearance, psychotype, etc. By the way, some developers use advanced algorithms based on data not only from the user profile inside the application, but also those stored in third-party social networks.


Chat for private and – optionally – for group communication – is a key attribute of the average dating app. At the same time, it is important to establish a number of rules that would apply to both the sender and the addressee. For example, who has the right to send the first message, etc. It is also possible to integrate features for video communication, sending stickers, etc.

Identity identification

This feature allows you to provide the application with the status of “reliable” – by checking users for authenticity. You may need to implement something like the KYC system that many eCommerce solutions use.

Push notifications

System push notifications can work in the background, notifying users of important events for them, even if the application is currently inactive.

Integration with social networks

This feature will help speed up the loading of photos and filling out user profiles. Also, as per the previous paragraph, it will help you create a multi-stage personal identification system.

Monetization tools

In order for you to receive income from your dating app not only from ads, you can add paid options. This can be displaying the likes left to the user (as in Tinder), disabling ads, promoting a profile to the top, etc.

In addition, you can implement such additional and popular features as stories and gifts to users, as well as integrate trendy concepts such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, big data, etc.

Mobile Dating App Development Cost

Now we invite you to find out how much it might cost to develop a mobile dating app:

  • app for Android or iOS platform – 400-500 hours, $ 15-20K;
  • mobile design – 150-200 hours, $ 4-5K;
  • API integration – 300-400 hours, $ 13-15K.

Thus, the cost of development for one platform will be in the range of $ 32-50K. Note that the final cost varies from the complexity of the functionality, the speed of launching the application to the market, and other additional factors.

Where to Find Developers for Your Mobile Dating App?

After you have understood what the main components should include a mobile dating app, it is important to decide on the development team who will implement your project.

In addition to the acceptable rates that developers from Eastern Europe can offer you, it is also important for you to find out if the portfolio of the selected developer has similar projects. In particular, Purrweb specialists have tremendous experience in the field of mobile development and actively use all the above-described trend technologies in their projects.


As you can see, dating mobile app development is still a very popular niche, which, with the right approach, is guaranteed to provide the owners of such software with a stable profit. However, remember that your work does not end at launching the application – no matter how technologically advanced and perfect in terms of usability, you definitely cannot do without competent promotion and PR campaigns.

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