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Date Syrup Market size 2022 | Scope of Current and Future Industry 2031

According to the latest Future Market Insights (FMI) analysis, demand for the date syrup Market is anticipated to reach US$ 339.0 Mn in 2021. By 2031, the market value is predicted to exceed US$ 630.0 Mn, with a respectable CAGR of 6.4 percent during the years 2021-31.

The growing use of date syrup in the nutraceutical and foodservice industries in the Middle East and Africa will benefit the market. Aside from that, demand in South Asia is predicted to accelerate during the forecast period. The market will be driven by consumer preference for clean label products and ingredients obtained from natural sources for their food items. Date syrup sales are driven by a similar trend in the nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

Consumer awareness has risen to new heights as a result of increased product understanding. Today’s consumers aren’t content to choose any food simply because it says “high quality” on the label; they want to know what’s in it and how it was made. For example, Arat Company Pjs maintains strict compliance with BRC Grade AA, IFS, ISO 22000 Food Safety, Kosher, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, ISIRI, and Halal, and processes and produces its high-quality dates syrup using just dates and water.

Who is Winning?

Al Foah, Malabar Food Products, Just Dates Syrup, Ario Co, Sun Seas Business Group, BIONA, Parsunday Symbol Co., BOMBUS, Rapunzel Naturkost, D’VASH Organics, Ratinkhosh Co, EZEEBEE OVERSEAS PVT LTD, Lion Dates Impex Pvt. Ltd., Ambrosia Delicatessen, ARAT COMPANY PJS, Minoo Industrial Group, Emirates Date

Need for Stable Shelf-life Products Driving the Demand for Date Syrup

The dominant population’s work-centric lifestyles have resulted in a significant shift in demand for the types and qualities of food products. People today prefer food items with extended seasonality, ease of application, and multi-purpose capabilities for the convenience that these food items provide to today’s consumers.

As a result, several major manufacturers have been forced to fund research and development to find more natural ways to keep food shelf-stable for longer periods.

Key Takeaways from the Date Syrup Market Study:

  • By 2031, the date syrup market is estimated to reach US$ 630 million.
  • The Middle East and Africa (MEA) will emerge as the biggest market for date syrup, accounting for the majority of sales. The demand in MEA is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5%, according to FMI.
  • Due to increased demand from the United States, date syrup sales in North America will accelerate.
  • In Europe, sales of date syrup will be led by Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
  • Despite China’s dominance in East Asia, date syrup sales in Japan and South Korea will grow at a faster rate.

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