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Data Systems International® (DSI®) Launches Newest Version of Cloud Inventory® Platform

Data Systems International

Data Systems International (DSI ®), a leader in inventory control solutions, has launched the newest version of Cloud Inventory®, a cloud-based inventory management solution that enables manufacturers and distributors to monitor and control inventory in real-time with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. With Cloud Inventory, Data Systems International has developed a disruptive technology solution that stands to significantly improve existing approaches to inventory management, while increasing productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation. 

Cloud Inventory is a mobile-first, cloud-based solution that enables companies to track assets, inventory, tools, jobsite supplies, and consignment materials outside of the warehouse. Cloud Inventory provides users with visibility into the state, location, and authenticity of inventory at all points of the supply chain, whether in the warehouse, in transit, or in the field. The unique ability of Cloud Inventory to provide precise visibility and control of inventory outside of the warehouse in real-time, leads to increased revenue, as companies can respond to inventory management needs as they occur and optimize the flow of their supply chain. Accurately monitoring inventory at this scale does not need to be complicated for the user. Cloud Inventory is designed to be easily accessed using mobile devices, with an interface that includes dashboards to monitor and improve supply chain performance.

With over 40 years of experience, Data Systems International is acutely aware of the importance of adaptability in a company’s approach to tracking and controlling inventory. For this reason, Cloud Inventory is built on a flexible, low-code platform that enables users to easily combine cloud-based solutions with their existing software and adapt to supply chain related processes as their business evolves. Companies can reconfigure cloud-based inventory control applications without modifying their systems of record, increasing productivity and agility. 

Cloud Inventory is designed to be highly configurable and easily implemented across a range of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, medical devices, construction and engineering, oil and energy, CPG, and utilities. While companies operating in any of these industries stand to benefit from the sort of increased visibility and real-time monitoring that Cloud Inventory provides, each company has specific inventory management needs. Cloud Inventory is built to be reconfigured to meet existing industry-specific needs, and to be able to adjust to shifting demands as a company evolves. The easy configuration of the Cloud Inventory low-code platform allows companies across a range of industries to reap the benefits of increased inventory visibility and reduced human error while avoiding time-consuming and costly overhauls of previous systems.

Data Systems International’s launch of the newest version of Cloud Inventory comes at an ideal time, as companies across industries adjust to supply chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to a more general shift towards e-commerce.  Now more than ever it is crucial to have accurate real-time monitoring available at all points of the supply chain, and this is precisely what Cloud Inventory is designed to achieve. 

“We’re excited to announce the new release of Cloud Inventory which truly brings breakthrough inventory control without boundaries to supply chain leaders,” said Mark Goode, President & CEO of DSI. “With recent supply chain disruptions, the lack of inventory visibility and control has become a hot topic in boardrooms. When people talk about supply chain disruptions, that includes access to inventory. Companies need to look differently at how they manage their inventory, and Cloud Inventory provides the perfect, flexible layer to restore control and optimize the supply chain.”

With Cloud Inventory, companies can adapt to the challenges of the modern supply chain, leveraging the power of the cloud to increase productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation.

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