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We use data scientists to extract insights from the data for our clients, either as part of a larger project or as a standalone service. Data scientists working with us are not only statisticians but have multiple other highly relevant backgrounds to the task at hand (economics, psychology, engineering, and so on). This means we can place people in front of clients who will be able to provide rapid responses to whatever problem they might be facing. This speeds up the submissions, avoids delays, and improves the quality and quantity of data-informed decisions being made.

In a world where organizations are often struggling to get the raw data, they need to make operational choices from their IT and operational systems, Data Science services Codete has developed a service that allows clients to get immediate access to high-quality data that can be used for analysis. Code’s business model essentially involves providing “ready-to-use” reports and data marts for our clients to use as reference sources, using our experience in processing large volumes of data.

What are my main challenges in hiring a data scientist?

The sector is relatively new and so there are few people with the relevant skills. The demand for data scientists is growing incredibly fast but supply is trailing behind.

How do you manage it?

We work with external consultants, who we either recruit or who work on client projects. We have spent a lot of time developing best practices and processes to ensure our teams are well managed, provided with support and that their careers develop across the business. This way we can ensure that they continue to be productive researchers while being able to keep projects running smoothly on top at the same time.

What are the main highlights of working in the company?

The company is only a few years old, and though it’s already doing well, it has huge potential for growth. We’re on a mission to become the number one outsourcing service in our industry, and we already have a client base that is growing every day. Our global expansion has only just begun and there is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to build a career in this industry (or at least an excellent professional opportunity).

What are the projects you are currently working on?

We’re working on a few different projects now. One of them is the 10X Factory (10x), which is a project to build the first online marketplace for analysts, data scientists, and experts with machine learning / artificial intelligence skills. We’re also working on several data-related operations in different countries and regions in Europe, from South America to Africa. We’re also getting ready for some new service offerings related to data processing, as well as operations related to more business intelligence-like services, including data visualization.


The company is a young but vibrant one. It’s always made clear to employees that it’s not our goal to have the ‘biggest data science team in the world’. We want to make sure that we provide value to clients, whether it’s in terms of the expertise of our employees, their professional development and growth opportunities or their ability to get on with other projects. The highly skilled set of individuals that we have on our team allows us to respond quickly and effectively in order to solve clients’ problems as quickly as possible, as well as create conditions for further growth.

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