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Data Recovery: 5 Steps to Take in the Unfortunate Event of Losing Important Files

You will probably experience a mixture of emotions when you discover that some vital data files are no longer where you expected to see them on the system but this is the moment where your next steps will be critical to how you recover that information. 

You will most likely need professional support in that sort of scenario and you might be searching IT support Sydney, for example, to find the help you are going to need. 

Meanwhile, there are some key steps to take when you discover that some of your data files have been lost. 

Assess the damage 

Your first priority should be to confirm the extent of the damage, in other words, are you dealing with a situation where your files have been lost but your computers and hard drives are still functioning normally or has data been lost because the hard drives are no longer usable? 

There is a fundamental difference between disaster recovery and data recovery and you need to know exactly what you are dealing with in the first place. 

Establish why your data has gone 

The next step involves carrying out a detailed analysis to establish why your data has disappeared in the first place. 

Knowing whether the problems were caused by a virus or operator error will guide you toward the right recovery protocols. 

How valuable is the data?

 You don’t want to face a scenario where you lose any data but it is clear that some files will be more valuable than others. 

Can your business get around the problem of this missing data or is it absolutely critical that you recover the information? 

Answering that question will help you to determine what sort of recovery action is justified and how much you are prepared to spend in order to find a solution. 

Verify the status of your backups 

It is always advisable that you back up data regularly and when you lose data it often brings into focus how important it is to do this as frequently as possible. 

Get someone with IT know-how to confirm the status of your backups and verify what level of data you might be able to restore so that you minimize the damage caused by the loss. 

If you are fortunate enough to be able to recover some or all of the missing data in this way it will normally prove to be a valuable lesson in how critical it is to back up your data efficiently. 

Check the state of your hard drive 

It is advisable to get expert help if you find that your hard drive is still intact as they will know how to set about retrieving and restoring the information in the most efficient way possible. 

Trying to fix the problem yourself with limited knowledge could potentially compromise your chances of getting your data back. 

Following a set of data recovery steps and keeping a clear head in such a difficult situation is likely to give you the best chance of minimizing the damage. Getting the right professional IT help should also allow you to make the best of a challenging situation.

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