Data-driven Growth In Physical Retail Shops: Interview with Philipp Stegmann (COO) and Alexander Kayser (CEO), of eyos.


The eyos platform offers data-driven growth in physical retail shops. In This exclusive interview with TechBullion, Philipp Stegmann (COO) and Alexander Kayser (CEO), share more details with us on how local shops, national labels and global brands use eyos in retail shops around the world to identify shoppers, automate in-store marketing and leverage insights & predictions.

Please tell us your names and about yourself?

We’re Phlipp Stegmann and Alexander Kayser and co-founded emporio analytics and yReceipts respectively and independently before bringing our two revolutionary retail tech businesses together.

In December 2020 our businesses merged to form eyos. eyos is a real leap forward on our journey to become the leading Retail Growth Platform for local shops, national labels and global brands.

We’re actually also brothers and grew up on the North Sea coast in Northern Germany – so in a way our relationship also extends beyond the day-to-day business affairs.

This was a godsend when it came to leading a major merger of companies spread across multiple continents, during a pandemic, as we were able to build on the fantastic business partnership our businesses and teams had formed over the years, through a sort of innate trust and our great relationship. It certainly helped running a global, fully-digital merger process rather smoothly.

What is eyos and what unique services do you provide?

eyos is a Retail Growth Platform designed for local shops, national labels and global brands operating in brick and mortar retail.

We work with several thousand customers in over 40 countries, from leading high street retail brands like Estée Lauder & Lego to global Consumer Packaged Goods companies like Danone & Unilever.

Our technologies help our clients to identify shoppers in retail shops, access live transactions data insights & predictions, leading to automated purchase-based data flows, marketing actions and offline ROI measurement.

What makes eyos unique is a combination of four things:

First, we independently capture data at source. Our technologies capture real-time transactional data in an entirely system-agnostic manner. This allows us to scale fast and across platforms, industries and geographies. It gives our clients peace of mind, since working with eyos does not require complex IT projects, new hardware or integration with existing systems.

Second, we independently standardise data. Our neural networks and AI-processes have been trained over many years with billions of data points and allow us to standardise any format or structure of retail transactions as they happen in real-time. We can work with hugely diverse data formats whether we have seen them before or not.

Third, we automate any workflow on top of the data. There are countless use-cases for retail data out there, starting from sending digital receipts from retail shops and analysing market share of product categories all the way to triggered in-store marketing promotions and the measurement of in-store ROI of a Google ad. Our platform enables these flows by connecting the data internally or externally.

Lastly, our proposition and commercial model create benefits for shoppers, retailers and brands alike. This can be through a better in-store experience, new business insights or increased sales.

What is the reason behind the new merger and what do we expect next?

Over the past few years both emporio analytics and yReceipts saw substantial growth globally. As we were collaborating more and more regularly we  uncovered several big market opportunities that we felt we could target more effectively as one integrated company.

The merger has enabled us to bring a unique set of complementary technologies under one roof and provide an exceptional solution for clients – it really was the most logical step in the next stage of the growth of both businesses.

In terms of what’s next for eyos, the business is growing globally and we will continue to scale, with particular focus on the Asia Pacific region (APAC) and Europe, where we focus on our offering to independent grocery retailers, CPG manufacturers and high street retail brands.

With this growth in mind and to serve burgeoning markets, we will continue to invest in our technologies and teams in London, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Sydney to continue delivering innovation and to fulfill our vision to become the world’s most connected Retail Growth Platform.

eyos offers one integrated retail growth platform, what is the technology behind this platform and how does it work?

Our technologies are all built in-house. It’s essentially a combination of a system-agnostic data capture technology, powerful neural networks and AI capabilities.

Our tech can be plugged into any existing electronic point of sale (EPOS) system without new hardware or IT development to capture transactional data or to identify shoppers. It is connected to our AI-driven cloud infrastructure from where we can trigger virtually any purchase-based workflow. 

Our clients use eyos for a number of things including issuing digital receipts in retail stores, measuring offline ROI of digital ad spend, seeing live sell-out data or triggering in-store promotions in independent grocery shops.

Tell us more about the importance of in-store data and how local merchants and global CPG brands can unlock the power of in-store data to grow their brands?

In Asia, Africa and Central America, the majority of CPG Sales are generated through small and independent retail outlets. Given the fragmented nature of the sector, the millions of shops and trillions of shopping trips are largely unknown.

Due to the lack of scalable, real-time and digital mechanisms to capture and process this data, in order to generate insights and automate in-store marketing actions, the industry faces big challenges ranging from inaccurate data insights, limited marketing tools and inefficient sales, product assortment and price planning.

At eyos, we solve these issues through our technologies and for the first time, removing data silos and creating a real-time digital purchase-based link between independent merchants and CPG brands.

Who are your customers, what does this merger mean for them and what opportunities do you have for your partners and networks?

Our clients are local merchants, national labels and global brands operating in physical retail. They include mom-and-pop shops in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam,  high street retail brands across the world, and Consumer Packaged Goods companies like Nestle and others. 

The merger means only the best for our clients. Our entire product suite remains unchanged and our clients will see groundbreaking new products coming their ways in the next months & years.

eyos is expanding in over 40 countries, how strong is your team and customer support?

We are fortunate to work with such an amazing team of ambitious and inspiring individuals at eyos. After all, our company comes to life with the people that work here. We are immensely proud to be part of such a great group that consistently pushes boundaries in our sector. 

Being a global company, and working in retail means customer support is fundamental. We believe in our infrastructure and that it’s built around the needs of our clients.

Why should a client trust eyos? Would you like to talk more about your safety and security measures?

We are in the game for connecting and automating Trillions of retail purchases to and through our platform.  From the first day of both companies, until today at eyos as one company15 years later, we have made security a core pillar of our processes, products and operations and as a responsible technology company we embrace security as an integral part of our design and build processes.

Do you have more information for our readers?

While we are busy putting together our new website, please visit and follow us and our team on LinkedIn where we are most active at the moment;

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