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Data Driven e-commerce for Businesses: Interview with Nils Zündorf, Managing Director of Factor-a


Nils Zündorf is an e-commerce expert with the largest European Amazon agency factora. He knows how to succeed in the online world and has been working in eCommerce for over 10 years and specializes in developing data-driven strategies for successful online retail.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Nils Zündorf. I’m the managing director of factor-a and have been working in e-commerce for over a decade now. I specialize in data-driven e-commerce strategies.

What is factor-a and how did you come up with the idea?

We are Europe’s largest Amazon agency and advise our customers on every e-commerce related question. Our Amazon experts have the data, skills and experience necessary to help navigate the fierce Amazon market, keep brands relevant and increase their market share. We have advised more than 300 manufacturers and brands including clients like Levis, Yamaha, Johnson & Johnson and JBL.

One of the reasons we have founded factor-a is the growing amount of data in today’s e-commerce world. We have seen a need for reliable, data-based advice and service. That’s why we created factor-a suite, an intelligent software solution to help companies step up to the data challenge.

What unique services do you offer to the e-commerce ecosystem?

We offer services and an all-in-one software solution, the factor-a suite, to manufacturers and retailers in the e-commerce ecosystem. We have specialized in all topics regarding content and data-driven Amazon advertising. Furthermore, we help Amazon vendors and sellers to not only solve their problems but also use their resources in the most efficient way possible in order to sustainably grow their business on Amazon and beyond. 

The factor-a suite consists of modules specially designed to help customers navigate the challenges, and intricacies of being an Amazon Vendor or Seller. Can you explain this in practical terms?

The factor-a suite is a multifunctional software program created by our Amazon experts for vendors and sellers alike. It uses a variety of data to summarize the most important KPIs, such as traffic, turnover, sales etc. It allows customers to monitor their optimized content and review metrics so that necessary actions can be taken immediately. The software uses automated processes to help complete tasks more efficiently and contains features such as upload sheets and answer templates to speed up operational tasks. It enables users to automate and analyse their sponsored advertising campaigns in order to save on budget and operational costs.

Who are your target customers and why do you think they should trust you?

Our target customers are manufacturers and brands that are currently selling their products or are planning to sell them on Amazon. 

We were one of the first Amazon agencies and have now accumulated years of experience and knowledge that our customers can profit from. We have advised customers from different industries, among them big and successful companies like Yamaha, Levis, JBL and Barilla. Our international focus has enabled us to grow quickly and gather a team of experts that not only know Amazon but also their relevant country market. 

Factor-a will be hosting an Amazon first-of-its-kind roundtable on the 21st of April. Tell us more about the program, and what we should be expecting?

The idea is to connect businesses and retailers who have been selling on Amazon. They know what challenges they have faced and how to move forward from them. So much knowledge lies with these retailers that others can profit from. So our idea is to create an opportunity for Amazon experts from all over to come together virtually in this Amazon roundtable. They can share their experiences, gain tips and discuss everything from Amazon’s latest trends to conquering current challenges with other Amazon vendors and sellers from a variety of industries.

Facilitated by our experts and a unique framework that allows for regular virtual meetings in the form of intimate breakout rooms as well as individual group rooms, this meet-up will give 15 participants a chance to exchange honestly and even one-on-one in order to gain personalized insider knowledge. This is a unique chance to not only ask questions and build up Amazon knowledge but also to gain contacts and build up a network.

Some people are of the opinion that the Brexit deal is very bad, and has affected trade negatively? How do you think it has affected E-commerce in Europe?

The UK leaving European trade and customs rules forms a significant challenge for international e-commerce. The new regulations and the related complexity led to a major drop in imports and exports in UK trade. For example, most of the Amazon vendors have still no solution to deliver their goods from the mainland into the UK warehouses directly. We also see that merchants shift their expansion to other countries in the EU instead of the UK.  After the first shock, it’s important that retailers find a way to implement the complex regulations in their day-to-day business and bring trade with Britain back into focus.

What do you think are the biggest e-commerce trends of 2021?

During the pandemic, customer shopping behaviour has changed significantly. With high street stores closed people have turned to online shopping. And a lot of these newly formed habits are here to stay post-pandemic. 

Social commerce and augmented reality are two other relevant trends, so is Twitch. The online gaming and streaming industry is twice as lucrative as it was a decade ago. For many retailers this is still unchartered territory as the number of retailers who are using Twitch for advertising remains rather small compared to the size of the platform. Twitch is a great opportunity for retailers to reach a fast-growing and highly engaged new audience with many interests aside from gaming. With the combination of Amazon DSP, which Amazon announced last year, retailers are able to reach audiences based on specific customer data. 

Last but not least voice commerce is a big thing. Right now, over 20% of UK households have smart speakers and this number is expected to triple by 2023, Amazon’s Alexa remaining the most popular one. The voice assistant is a gateway into the customers everyday life and offers great marketing opportunities. As the technology is getting better and better, it is definitely worth having a look into the options, especially into Alexa Skills. 

Do you have any intentions of expanding outside Europe?

We are already working with customers from the US and Asia. Our main markets are Amazon markets, so that is where we are and where we’ll go.

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