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Dash Announces Genesis Release of Evolution Platform: Revolutionizing Decentralized Payments and Applications

Dash, the leading cryptocurrency focused on everyday payments, is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of its Evolution platform, set to revolutionize the way people use and interact with cryptocurrencies. The Genesis release is scheduled for July 29th, and marks a significant milestone in Dash’s mission to make cryptocurrency as accessible and user-friendly enough to compete with, and surpass, traditional payment methods.

Dash Evolution aims to transform the way people interact with cryptocurrency by introducing features such as usernames, contact lists, invoicing, recurring payments, and more, directly at the protocol level. This eliminates the need for centralized entities to facilitate money and payments for the masses. This vision was first articulated in 2015 by Dash’s founder Evan Duffield with the goal of making cryptocurrency usable for everyone.

Joël Valenzuela, Dash’s business development lead, said:

“This is a monumental step forward for Dash, and what I believe is the missing link for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a whole. As someone who has personally used crypto for daily payments for almost a decade, I believe we will finally be at a point where the average person, and their grandmother, will be able to finally use crypto.”

Evolution: A data contract, decentralized data storage, and identity platform

Dash Evolution is a decentralized application platform built upon a foundation of data contracts, indexed and easily queried decentralized data storage, and decentralized identities. Over the coming weeks and months, Dash will be releasing a series of blog posts, documentation, and videos to explain the technology and its implications in greater detail.

Sam Westrich, CTO of the Dash Core Team, said:

“Blockchain must do better if it is going to become mainstream and have positive daily impacts on people’s lives. Over the past few years me and my team have been building something new, different from what exists in all other blockchains. We call it Evolution, a data layer that will unlock the full potential of our payment network, and so much more. We are excited to welcome all those that want to embark on this exciting journey with us as we build up capabilities and capacities of our platform over the upcoming months and years.”

Genesis Phase: A Community-Driven Early Release

After years of development and anticipation, the Dash community voted in favor of an early release, aiming for an iterative release process moving forward. This Genesis phase will constitute an initial workable release, with immediate priority on network stability and bug fixes. The activation of Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) and DashPay, the first two data contracts on the Evolution platform, will follow, with credit withdrawals to the main Dash chain to be included in the next version soon after.

About Dash

Dash is a decentralized payment network designed to offer financial freedom to everyone, regardless of their technical background. It offers fast, private, and low-cost transactions, with a focus on usability and accessibility. Dash aims to provide a user-friendly experience for everyone, and can be spent easily and securely online at merchants and brick-and-mortar stores around the world.


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