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Darewise’s “Life Beyond” First Open Alpha Starts on the 6th of July, 2022

(Paris, France, 4th of July) : The Web3 and blockchain-powered MMORPG, Life Beyond, has announced its first Open Alpha to begin Wednesday, 6th of July. Life Beyond takes place in a fascinating alien world where players can be whoever they want to be, becoming citizens and architects of a new digital society driven by advanced technology, enjoying the feeling of a modern massively multiplayer role-playing game with endless social and creative possibilities.

Users with an  AAK (Apartment Access Key) or a Dolos Passport in their wallets, will receive early access to the Open Alpha, which begins on Wednesday, 29th of June. For those who don’t own an AAK, Dolos Passport, or even crypto wallets, access to the Open Alpha begins on Wednesday, the 6th of July. Users simply have to download the launcher from the website, then download the game from the launcher.

Life Beyond will empower players to make decisions both on an individual level via their own play choices, as well as collectively by making critical decisions on the future direction of the game. The society of Life Beyond will evolve according to the choices, user-generated creations, and behaviors of its players.

Life Beyond’s world, Dolos, was built by a team of former Ubisoft employees and leaders, now known as Darewise Entertainment. The masterminds behind Darewise are Benjamin Charbit, former Ubisoft Game Director (Game Director on Assassin’s Creed: Blackflag), and Samuel Kahn, former Ubisoft and Crytek Tech Lead (Tech Lead on Ghost Recon and The Division). 

This Open Alpha is the first of a series of Alphas that will be released throughout the coming months. Darewise aims to regularly present to their committed community, and future players, their new features that feed the core pillars and improve them over time. In a statement made by Vincent Marty, Product Director at Darewise, he said: “Our approach has always been to involve you early on in our development. Thanks to your feedback, we will constantly improve the game.”

In Life Beyond, each parcel of the world goes through 3 eras: Pioneering, Settling, and Governing.

Each one of them comes with a different set of gameplay. Pioneering is all about exploration and combat to unlock viable lands. Settling is about building homesteads, infrastructures, and simple crafting to lay the foundations of future societies. Governing is all about social and economic development thanks to an innovative governance mechanism to run these newly created societies. Each Open Alpha will introduce players to a certain set of features and content on each of the eras.

Open Alpha #1 (starting June 29th/July 6th), will focus on Pioneering with the first set of content and features revolving around combat, exploration, and resource gathering. Following, Darewise will gather all the player’s insights and work on Open Alpha #2, which presents improved Pioneering content and the very first iteration of the Settling experience. The Settling content will introduce building, farming, crafting, resource extraction, and more. Open Alpha #3, will showcase a new set of Pioneering and Settling content, with the first iteration of Governing.

Their skilled and creative teams, combined with blockchain technology will make Life Beyond a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The game is equipped with several features, such as an Open Metaverse Philosophy, Interactive Gameplay, Player Governance Model, Token Utility, and much more! 

About Life Beyond

Life Beyond is a Web3 and blockchain-powered MMORPG game where thousands of players worldwide join forces to explore the new interactive world of Dolos. Users will fight nanobots (fierce enemies in the Dolos world) to explore and conquer new regions using their crafted weapons, items, equipment, and resources.  

Powered by LBToken, Life Beyond gives the users true ownership of their in-game assets. These assets can then be sold, bought, or exchanged through the marketplace as NFTs. 

To learn more about Life Beyond, visit: 

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