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Dania D Designs Encourages Women Empowerment With Its Traditional Yet Modern Designs

The modern world is built by modern women and this is a story of a woman from a country-at-war, for more than a decade now. A country where several families have fled and are seeking asylum in other countries. Dania Douaidari belongs from Damascus, Syria, and runs her design boutique famously known as Dania D Designs.

While pursuing her Diploma in Interior Designing from the American University of Beirut, Dania realized her talent for furniture design. In 2017, after completing her graduation, she moved back to Damascus to open her interior solutions label – Dania D Designs. In 5 years, Dania D Designs became a world-famous brand and today has more than 75K followers on Instagram. Dania Douaidari is a personality famous for her unique modern furniture designs and interior design solutions.

What sets Dania D Designs apart from other businesses is how perfectly it blends modernity into Middle Eastern tradition and culture. Every piece designed at Dania D Designs tells a story and resonates with people in Middle Eastern countries and other parts of the world. Its limited-edition calligraphy furniture collection was phenomenal at the Downtown Designs Exhibition held in Dubai. The calligraphy edition connected on a deeper level with the women as the etched Arab words is a verse from a famous poet Nizar Qabbani, meaning “Letter die after they’re said.” The products and designs left the attendees and audience in awe.

Dania D Designs offers professional, unique, and aesthetic interior design solutions with exquisitely handcrafted elements of sheer beauty. The products are customized as per the buyer’s taste and requirements. Furthermore, elements such as marble, terrazzo, travertine marble, walnut wood, rattan, brass, mother of pearl, and more are fashioned in an innovative way to create a unique end product.

Dania shares, “it is important for women to do what they like and what they excel at. Empowering women, especially in underdeveloped countries, is crucial for a country to grow. Dania D Designs has inspired hundreds of women to build a world for themselves and earn a place for themselves in society.”

Dania D Designs produces and manufactures products in Syria using traditional handcrafted methods. While balancing the traditional element, it adds the twist of a modern touch to make it aesthetically appealing while connecting it with the heart. Furthermore, Dania D Designs deliver a wholesome experience and consultancy solutions with the expertise, creativity, and vision of Dania Douaidari.

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