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Dan Lok Shares 5 Important Factors Every Coach Needs To Consider Before Taking On New Clients

Dan Lok

Nowadays, having a coach is integral to one’s entrepreneurial success. More and more people recognize the importance of accountability and external motivation to help them pursue their goals. Whether it’s to start a business, develop personally, obtain relationships, and so forth–it seems like every aspect of one’s life can be helped by a coach.

With the rise of demand is the opportunity for many to start a coaching business. However, it’s not all bed of roses when starting a career path. It is important not only to understand how to market yourself but to put yourself in a position of authority so that good clients come to you.

Professional coach for coaches Dan Lok understands this predicament. Through many years of experience in training coaches to get clients, he has mastered the skill of acquiring new people to take on a coaching program. In this post, he will reveal the factors that one needs to consider when getting new clients.

One-On-One Schedule

A coach spends time with care for each of his or her clients. If you are trying to get someone on board with your program, it is important to know how much time you have for one-on-one schedules on these areas:

  • Phone calls: Many high-ticket clients would want to schedule one-on-one phone calls with their coaches. Phone calls make the conversation more direct and more issues will be tackled in real-time. If you have high-ticket clients, make sure to set enough schedule for at least a single phone call a week per client.
  • Chats: Chats can easily be done during crevices of your schedule. For some clients, you can also set one-on-one live chat sessions.
  • Video conferencing: Some clients also want to have video conferences. The video conferences can greatly help if you are teaching a coaching concept which would be difficult otherwise.

Client teachability

Another crucial factor is client teachability. Some potential clients only come for the ‘promises’ that you have to offer but are not there to do the work. Nor are they willing to change their ways towards growth. These are signs of teachable people:

Openly Discuss What They are Learning

Teachable people talk about what they have learned because this new perspective is something they want to internally process. If they are able to say back in their own words the things you have taught them, this is an internalization sign as well.

Acceptance and humility

Whenever there are true acceptance and humility, there are also signs of growth. When your client is humble and accepting enough to understand their initial and former state, the more they are able to take the steps to make things better.

Taking Pointers and Notes

A teachable person is someone who desires to remember. If your potential client is taking notes even during their initial session, this is a great sign to get them onboard. It means that the individual appreciates your insights, and they are willing to receive any feedback you have.


If you are new to the coaching industry, you must possess this trait before taking on new clients. Readiness comes in different ways. You can either be externally prepared, such as:

Or even internally:

  • Confidence to coach
  • Ability to absorb others’ struggles
  • Flexibility

Readiness will allow you not only to keep your clients’ satisfaction long-term but will also provide you with more confidence to expand your business even in territories you’ve never imagined.


One thing that you may also overlook when planning to get new clients is your budget. Sometimes in business, you have to spend some to gain some. Whether it’s the budget of time, effort, or financial resources, it is best to weigh and know if you have all of these things to expand.

For example, getting new clients can mean creating a free resource such as an e-book, webinar, or the use of PPC ads. These things can cost time and money. If you are decided to expand your client base, it is essential to consider how much you need in order to make closed deals.

True Desire

The last factor which also is a driving component of all the things mentioned above is your true desire. Desire is what motivates you to arrange the following factors mentioned above. If coaching is your true calling, you will make time, set up a budget, and do all the necessary things to get high-quality paying clients.

Dan Lok highlights this last trait is very important as you set new realms in your coaching business. Ask questions such as:

  • What types of clients do you want?
  • Is there a specific niche that you want to expand on?
  • Is coaching something you see yourself doing for many years?

If these questions are affirmative on your end, then perhaps it is time to take that next step for getting the new clients you deserve.

Getting Your Clients On Board: Reflection And Preparation

As you consider getting new clients, these factors will help you reflect and prepare for your big decision. Any coach who is willing and has the right preparation methods can gain new quality prospects for their business.

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